Bruce Springsteen Pens Support Letter for Barack Obama: The President ‘Is Our Best Choice’

"we are all in this together."
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"We take care of our own," goes the refrain of a recent Bruce Springsteen song. A shared vision of an America where that's actually true is why he's endorsing President Barack Obama for re-election, according to a message the musician wrote to his fans.

On Wednesday, The Boss posted a letter on his website detailing why he wants the commander in chief to serve four more years.

“Right now, there is a choice going on in America, and I’m happy that we live in a country where we all participate in that process,” the 63-year-old rocker wrote.

“For me, President Obama is our best choice because he has a vision of the United States as a place where we are all in this together.”

What else did The Boss have to say about the country’s current boss?

Springsteen is urging his fans and voters who are still undecided to choose Obama on Nov. 6 because it’s simply a different election from the one in 2008. Unlike last time (and despite daunting obstacles), Obama has a record of achievement to run on this time, the musician wrote.

“Through grit, determination, and focus, the President has been able to do a great many things that many of us deeply support," Springsteen wrote, citing several Obama achievements over the last four years, including working to create jobs, passing guaranteed health care for most Americans, rescuing the auto industry, protecting the rights of women and the LGBT community, bringing troops home from Iraq and taking out Osama bin Laden.

“Right now, there is a fight going on to make this a fairer and more equitable nation. For me, President Obama is our best choice to get us and keep us moving in the right direction,” he continued.

On Thursday, the Boss showed his support for Obama at a campaign event with former president Bill Clintonat Cuyahoga Community College in Ohio, a swing state in this election.

While Springsteen has been a political activist for decades (playing concerts for such causes as the anti-nuclear movement), he spent much of his career staying out of presidential politics. He famously bristled when President Ronald Reagan tried to co-opt his song "Born in the USA" for his 1984 re-election campaign. But in recent years, the Boss has come out to support Democratic presidential candidates with rallies and concerts.

For more of Bruce Springsteen’s support letter for Barack Obama, check out the musician’s website. What do you think of The Boss’ comments? Share your thoughts below.

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  • Tom Clifford
    Tom Clifford

    When Reagan wanted to use "Born in the USA" Springsteen opted to "stay out of politics" which was the right choice. Springsteen is an entertainer, nothing more. The fact that somewhere along the line his ego has grown to the point where he now thinks he's qualified to tell other people how to vote, is unfortunate. That he has chosen a secretive, anti-American candidate to support is more than unfortunate. I find it especially ironic that Springsteen cites the recovery of the auto industry in his letter...I remember when Lee Iacocca wanted to give him $1 million to use "Born in the USA" in Chrysler ads. He refused. Where was "The Boss's" love of country and concern for blue-collar America then?

  • RonH

    Get real Bruce, Obama is the best choice to bankrupt us and cause four more years of economic decline and job loss.

  • B Green
    B Green

    Well written Bruce!!! Bush was given a second term...President Obama deserve one as well. A certain group of people need to stop hating on the Commander In Chief.

  • Seawoman

    This would be the President of the United States you're talking about, you ignoramus.

  • Benjamin Zoic
    Benjamin Zoic

    Followed Bruce since early 70s and have become more disgusted with his politics and need to infuse his concerts and music with his political stands and opinions. He was once a great rocker, great lyricist and had music with great energy but now it's all commentary. Face it Bruce, YOU ARE THE 1%, you dont have a clue what people working 3 jobs to get by are doing, you live in a mansion, drive amazing cars, have not a care in the world about the future financially, why do you try to make yourself out to be an 'everyman'? Just because you 'care' so much for your fellow man??? You are a musiocian, and not so great at that over the past 15 years, just play the music....

  • Cliff Sanders
    Cliff Sanders

    Supporting or voting for Obama, again, is like trying to pick up a turd from the clean end!!! It shouldn't be attempted.

  • Shane Ladd
    Shane Ladd

    Springsteen is a geriatric old galoot who could never sing a note. What a fraud.