Eva Longoria’s Photo Shoot with Artist Domingo Zapata Will Include a Whip and an Artichoke (PHOTOS)

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Artist Domingo Zapata has worked with the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian, but he’s got a brand-new muse: Eva Longoria.  And for her upcoming photo shoot — scheduled for next week — the Desperate Housewives star will be armed for battle in the kitchen.

“I want to see her in front of the kitchen with an artichoke in the left hand and a whip in the right hand,” Zapata told Celebuzz exclusively. “And the artichoke is like a grenade. Eva is explosive!”

Why is she perfect for the saucy shoot?

“There’s nothing sexier than a desperate housewife with a whip in their hand,” said Zapata. “I think when you come home and your wife is in the kitchen, it’s a beautiful thing to see.”

It sounds like Longoria’s new beau, NFL quarterback Mark Sanchez, will enjoy the image, as well.

“I’m pretty sure he will,” Zapata said with a laugh.

And what does Longoria think of the concept?

“She loves it!” he said. “I can’t wait to see the final result.”

Zapata is no stranger to working with on-screen sirens for his “10” series, starring 10 Hollywood icons. His spontaneity with Vergara led the Modern Family star to strip down to her skivvies and get covered in paint.

“I just used her as a canvas,” the artist said. “The thing about making a work of art with any woman, it’s very intimate. What I try to capture is not on the outside, but a feeling and make it internal.”

As for the sexy star’s willingness to get nude, he said, Vergara was “okay with it.” “Anybody who has Sofia’s body is confident,” Zapata said. “She has an incredible body. She is beautiful at 40 and will be beautiful at 70.”

And someone else certainly agreed: an art lover bought the Polaroid collage for a whopping $220,000.

Also no stranger to showing off her voluptuous curves is Kardashian, who inspired a Zapata work of art that sold for nearly $160,000 — and can be seen for the first time in our gallery.

“Kim is an example of the American dream and how successful she has become,” said Zapata. “So I wanted to portray her as different American icons.” As such, she posed as the Statue of Liberty, a soldier, adorned with wings, and as herself.

“She’s a role model to so many people and has been through love, has been heartbroken, and at the end of the day, it’s happened to all of us.”

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