Former 'Real Housewives' Star Jill Zarin Talks 'Watch What Happens: Live,' Plotting TV Return (EXCLUSIVE)

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Fired The Real Housewives of New York City castmember Jill Zarin returned to her old stomping grounds on Bravo with a prerecorded interview with Andy Cohen on Monday’s Watch What Happens Live.

The ex-Housewife, who felt she was never given a chance to say goodbye to the fans, had a lot to say. And, apparently, the viewers wanted to hear her out. The late night talk show saw a 44 percent increase over the previous Monday’s episode with 1.3 million viewers tuning in. That’s music to Zarin’s ears.

“I was testing the water,” Zarin, 48, tells Celebuzz. “When Andy asked me to come on the show two weeks ago, I didn’t want to do it. I knew it would bring out a lot of feelings that I had put to bed and I didn’t want to rehash that again.”

“But, I wanted to see if the fans wanted me back,” she added.

What was the reception to Zarin's appearance? And how will she return to TV?

Zarin says her phone “blew up” after the WWHL appearance with calls from networks and agents. And, she also has something to pitch.

“I’ve been working on my own show -- about me, my family, work,” Zarin, who founded Skweez Couture shape wear, says. “I have lots of characters in my life – with me, family members, customers and in my house. My nephew and my assistant are living with me. There’s lots of drama.”

In September 2011, Bravo informed Zarin, Alex McCord, Kelly Bensimon and Cindy Barshop that it wouldn’t be renewing their contracts for Season 5. And although Cohen has said (and reiterated on Monday’s WWHL) that the network – and many fans – thought the show had gotten too toxic, Zarin still doesn’t understand why she was fired.

“I don’t see any difference among the housewives,” she explains. “I like drama as much as anyone else, but it doesn’t need to be so mean-spirited. New Jersey and Atlanta are just the same and the New York housewives were meaner this season. I don’t see what [Bravo] achieved by changing the cast.”

What did you think of Zarin on WWHL? Would you watch her show? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  • Paula G
    Paula G

    ComPLETEly addicted to all the Housewives and have watched since OC Season 1! Agree with ALL previous comments! PLEASE do NOT bring "Jillousy" back! Andy C - kudos for giving your best on WWHL with her. Nothing but excuses and blame for her losing fans on this show. Accusations she made about Bethenney were disgusting. Jill should be ashamed of herself and take some accountability. I wish her the best, but seriously, let all her fans follow her on Twitter, or anywhere else for that matter.

  • Eldon H
    Eldon H

    There isn't a network out there that would risk putting a Jill Zarin show on the air. Zarin is a Public Relations nightmare. When you mix calculating with instability you end up with a person no one is willing to get behind. Her fabulous circle, even some family members are saying one thing to her face, and quite another when her back is turned. She badgered Andy Cohen until he allowed her on WWHL. Cohen made this clear. She does the same with a certain radio show personality. Zarin is a ship that has sunk. You can't even go down with her, as she's already hit bottom.

  • Linda Donmore
    Linda Donmore

    Jillousy still doesn't get it. She's a HAS BEEN(had her 25 mins of fame w/ the reality thing) She just comes of desperate "hanger on" trying to be relevant! It's not workin for me anymore. Hopefully she'll just go away quietly. UGH!!!!

  • cammierari

    Jill. Stop. You have a wonderful life! Enjoy it!! Stop obsessing over a job you were let go from because the VIEWERS demanded it. Fame, and the show went to your head. You stopped being a "real" person to everyone, not just Bethenny. Stop nagging Andy. He put you on WWHL so you could SEE how ridiculous you look! Take a nice, long vacation where nobody knows you and re-dedicate yourself to living in the NOW, enjoying every minute of it

  • Kris

    No interest in watching Jill Zarin. I watched WWHL out of curiosity, nt because I miss Jill. She's not changed, still as self serving and arrogant as before. Please go away Ms. Zarin.

  • karen123

    I can't speak for anyone else, but the only reason I tuned in is the same reason I slow to look at a car accident. And I wasn't disappointed. She is a nutter and so full of herself, it was amazing. She has no idea.

  • Kitten

    I love Andy and WWHL and was shocked that he would give Jill Zarin a forum to promote herself. However, I tuned in because I knew it would be interesting ... but please don't infer from that that I would enjoy seeing Zarin on her own show. She continues to be delusional, disingenuous, self-absorbed, and obsessive compulsive over her dismissal from Bravo. You know how you can't find anything good in the fridge to eat, but you keep going back and checking again & again because you just KNOW something tasty will appear? That's Jill ... dogging Bravo over and over, because she just knows viewers want her back on RHONY or to see her in a her own show. NOT! Had to laugh when Andy said, "Well, as you know, we discussed it when you were let go and many times since then" when Jill asked why she was fired. Girl can't take "no" for an answer. And I noticed how he kept his legs crossed the entire program, not in a relaxed position as he always is during the show. Body language speaks volumes ... he was not having any of her nonsense. The handshake at the end .. priceless! Yes, I can believe there was a spike in viewers for the program ... so many viewers hate Jill that they tuned in to watch one final train wreck with her.

  • Patricia

    Delusional, thy name is Jill Zarin.

  • Trish

    though I like Jill, after watching the interveiw I can see she is STILL full of herself and STILL so jealous of Bethaney that is jst is't interesting enough to watch

  • Jennifer Row McCaughey
    Jennifer Row McCaughey

    Jill: Just because I tuned in to watch you make a fool of yourself does not mean I want to see you in any show, let alone a solo one. You are mean, jealous and petty and your sense of entitlement could fill the Grand Canyon and slop over the sides. Now that we have seen how you operate, I would be completely shocked if you were offered a show by Bravo or anwhere else. Bethenny, we miss. You? Not so much.


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