‘Happy Endings’ Star Adam Pally Says Max Has ‘A Lot of Highs but Mostly Lows’ on Season 3 (VIDEO)

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As Max, the seemingly perpetually scheming, underemployed guy on ABC’s Happy Endings, actor and comedian Adam Pally has had a chance to tap into a really big, broad side of himself.

But as the seemingly perpetual single guy, he has also had a chance to play some more tender, serious moments. Who wasn’t shocked when Max realized he might actually want to have kids someday all while still acting like a big kid himself?

It’s exactly that kind of pulling from both ends of the human spectrum that keeps Pally on his toes, and the upcoming third season promises to be no different.

“I don’t think Max is ever balanced, and I think that’s the fun of playing him. You’re playing a character that’s unhinged, and…it’s really moment to moment. I think you’ll have highs and lows. A lot of highs but mostly lows,” Pally laughed when Celebuzzcaught up with him at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Tuesday.

What’s the highlight of Happy Endings Season 3 for Pally?

On Season 3, Pally’s Max finds himself showing Brad (Damon Wayans Jr.) the ropes on how to get an entire day’s food and entertainment on as little money as possible. The pairing of these two characters turns into something slightly more permanent, though, through a new business venture that Pally was particularly excited to perform: Bar Mitzvah hype men!

“It’s an inner passion for me, Adam Pally,” he laughed. “I’ve been to my fair share of Bar Mitzvahs, if you could’ve guessed, and it was really fun to go back to that a little bit. I would love to keep motivating for Bar Mitzvahs in my real life.”

Though Pally pointed out that Max doesn’t actually take the stage to sing at any of these Bar Mitzvahs, he would never want to rule out either a re-visitation of Mandonna or a parody of a whole other musical act.

“I love the attention on me, and there’s no other place to get attention than on stage,” Pally smiled. “A dream of mine would be Max and Penny in some kind of weird White Stripes type band. I think all comedians have that inherent want to be a rock star but most of us are too ugly and fat, so to get the chance to be that was really fun.”

But with Max so distracted, will he ever find love?

“I think so. I think people [are] searching for love, and I think Max is no different. It’s just the people that he loves are a little weird,” Pally laughed.

Watch Celebuzz’s full video interview with Pally above.

Happy Endings airs on Tuesdays at 9 PM on ABC.

What are you most excited to see in Happy Endings Season 3? Sound off in the comments below!

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