Miley Cyrus Says It’s ‘Pretty Blatant’ Jonas Brothers’ New Song ‘Wedding Bells’ Is About Her

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It seems the Jonas Brothers may have pulled a Taylor Swift.

According to Miley Cyrus, the musical trio’s new song, “Wedding Bells,” is likely to be about her relationship with ex-boyfriend Nick Jonas, whom she dated on-and-off until 2009.

The “Can’t Be Tamed” songstress spilled on her reaction when she first heard the song on Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio talk show Thursday, saying, “I don’t know who else is getting married … so I feel like that’s pretty blatant, it’s whatever.”

“I don’t know … wedding bells are in my future, so I don’t know,” the 19-year-old continued.

What are the clues that say the song is about Cyrus?

For one, Nick refers to the day he and Cyrus first met, crooning, “If you recall our anniversary falls/ Eleven nights into June.”

Cyrus herself even confirmed the date in her autobiography Miles to Go, in which she wrote, “I remember the exact date, June 11, 2006. It was the day I met my first love. Let’s call him Prince Charming. I don’t want to use his name, because this isn’t about who he is or what I meant to him. It’s about how I felt and what our relationship meant to me.”

Furthermore, many fans suspect that Nick hints about Cyrus’ engagement to Hunger Games star Liam Hemsworth, singing, “She says, ‘Can you keep a secret?/ A ceremony’s set for June/ I know it’s a rush, but I just love him so much/ I hope that you can meet him soon.'”

Though no wedding date has been set, Cyrus and Hemsworth, 22, did announce their engagement in June.

According to Cyrus, she has no ill-will toward her former beau for singing about their intimate past.

“I think that you kind of get a fair warning when you date an artist and someone that’s a writer,” she told Seacrest. “When you’re going through things that you’re going to end up hearing about it on the radio.”

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