‘Nobody Walks’ Star Olivia Thirlby on Her Character’s ‘Casual View of Sex’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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When audiences last saw Olivia Thirlby, she was fighting for her life – and taking down bad guys — as a futuristic police officer in Dredd.

But in her new movie Nobody Walks, Thirlby, 26, plays a character whose disposition is decidedly more relaxed.

“I think that her view of sex and relationships is so casual,” Thirlby tells Celebuzz about her character, an aspiring filmmaker named Martine. “She takes that into a place where that’s not protocol, and I think that she has a romance and she lets it happen because she thinks it’s harmless – and she’s just really mistaken.”

How did Thirlby come up with an emotional core for her latest character?

Thirlby characterizes Martine as “complicated, but she’s also kind of simple,” indicating that her focus on certain parts of her life leaves others in disarray.

“She’s got a bit of a one-track mind,” she says. “My impression of her was just that she was a good person and not full of mischief, but she [causes it].”

“I thought that was a really interesting notion to explore – someone who’s trying to do the right thing, but is also too young or inexperienced to be able to really see the whole picture.”

Nobody Walks opens in theaters Friday, October 19. Also watch the trailer below for Dredd, which is definitely worth catching while it’s still in theaters.

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