‘X Factor’ Recap: Britney Spears and L.A. Reid Reveal Their Final Four (VIDEO)

'X Factor' Pulled
A rained out baseball game keeps the show off the air.
'X Factor's' Willie Jones
The contender talks being hustled by Tate.
For at least half of America, Wednesday’s episode of FOX’s The X Factor was pulled on account of a rain delay during Game 3 of the National League championship.

Actually, the west side of the U.S. got off easy – though the episode in which the 16 people chosen to move on to live shows will re-air next Tuesday – because at least they only had their emotions played with one time.

For those of us who caught the episode as it aired for the East Coast, we experienced several ups and downs as each coach sat down their singers and tried their best to deliver red herrings before announcing their decisions. Halfway through judge Demi Lovato’s choices, FOX pulled the plug.

So, clearly, spoilers ahead if you didn’t watch (or get to watch) Wednesday’s episode.

Surprisingly, the show started out with Britney Spears’ team. Thus far, the pop star turned reality show judge has been held in front of us like a carrot for most of the show’s two-hour episodes. This time, they just served her up.

Amid calling every singer “sweetie,” Britney first delivered the compliments. She then gave them her critique and finished up with her decision.

She ended up with Diamond White (duh), Carly Rose Sonenclar (double duh), Beatrice Miller (I thought, “duh,” but felt there may be a chance Britney couldn’t stand her “loud” voice any longer) and Arin Ray (a pleasant surprise as his singing may not be his strongest suit, but look at the kid!).

Britney told Justin Bieber lookalike Reed Deming that he needed more vocal training. The only rapper of the group, James Tanner, got the boot. While the pop star judge felt he had charisma and likeability, she felt he still had to work at his craft. And not because he could never win this competition…

Next up, L.A. Reid took a more straight to the point method in breaking the news to his performers. After acting like a child and sulking for about an episode, he finally admitted that there was talent in this group. I will say that they all need a makeover, but the talent has always been there.

He ended up picking Jason Brock (Heller!), David Correy (whom the judge says he wonders if the singer can break through in today’s music culture), Tate Stevens (whom L.A. thinks has a likeability factor) and Vino Alan(despite L.A. admitting that he confused him at times).

Sad to see Daryl Black go, but I understand that he may not having that extra thing that will set him apart from others. And as for Tara Simon? L.A. liked her voice and competitive spirit, but didn’t believe she could win America over for the win. I think all that delusion confidence feels a bit desperate, unlikeable and I could do without all the “I’m already a star” talk.

The show only revealed Demi’s first two picks before cutting out. She appreciated Willie Jones’ uniqueness, but she echoed Nick Jonas in saying that he seems to have a hard time deciding when to sing in an R&B style as opposed to country. Jennel Garcia would also move on, though Demi expressed some disappointment in how she let her nerves get the better of her during the Judges’ Homes performance. That, of course, seemed to be a direct result of Demi’s note for her not to flip her hair so much while performing. So, she was suddenly wooden while performing in front of Nick and Demi.

On next Tuesday’s replay, we’ll learn the final two performers from Demi’s team who will move on: Jillian Jensen, Paige Thomas or CeCe Frey? And then Simon Cowell hands out the decisions for the groups.

Watch a super tease of this week’s episode above.

What did you think of the choices Britney, L.A. and Demi have made so far? How peeved are you that the show was pulled? Sound off in the comments section below.

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