Flashback Friday: Megan Fox in ‘Holiday in the Sun’ (VIDEO)

Megan Fox is a silver screen star, a sex symbol, and now, a mom!

The Transformers star and her 90210 hubby Brian Austin Green welcomed baby boy Noah Shannon to the world on September 27, though the press didn’t get wind of it until Wednesday.

With two good-looking parents, this kid is sure to be a looker. But while we wait for the baby pics to surface, we just can’t help but wonder what little Noah will grow up to be like.

So, for today’s Flashback Friday, we thought we’d take a trip back to Megan’s childhood, to the days when Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen ruled the tween world, to check out the young girl behind the now big-name actress.

In her first acting role ever, a teenage Megan stars as the self-absorbed, hot-girl bully Brianna Wallace in the MK & A flick Holiday in the Sun. 

In the above clip (disclaimer: children’s movie cheesiness ahead), the bratty heiress stakes her claim over a boy that Alex (Ashley Olsen) has her eye on. Though she doesn’t get the guy —  because let’s face it, she’s the villain in a family movie — we’re thoroughly entertained by her performance. You can definitely see a glimpse of the future screen siren in there.

Maybe little Noah will be a heartbreaker just like his mommy.

Check out the clip above for Megan Fox’s debut role.

Written by Alexa Kravitz

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