Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Share Intimate Kiss in Rome (PHOTOS)

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Now that's amore!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West shared an intimate kiss after dining together at famed restaurant Il Bolognese in the H'Errys Nar in Via Veneto.

Kardashian -- who turns 32 on Sunday -- looked gorgeous in a curve-happy green peplum dress, while West rocked a stylish black blazer and leather pants.

"When in Rome..." Kardashian tweeted just a couple of hours ago.

She also professed that West, 35, is her favorite rapper.

"Now Playing- Andrea Bocelli "can't help falling in love with you". He's my favorite male singer of all time!" She wrote Wednesday, before adding, "But my favorite male rapper of all time is Kanye ;-)"

Kardashian on Wednesday was seen flying out of Miami in a stunning all-black ensemble and sparky heels.

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  • Mercy Adubea Ansah
    Mercy Adubea Ansah

    Leave Kim alone , in your various homes you have more issues than her .

  • Harold

    People hated Michael Jackson too....But still listen to his music or read about him..... Honestly you butt-kisser.....We can talk about whomever we danm please....It's called the First Amendment Freedom of Speech A hoe is a hoe no matter how fine she/he is!!!

  • Harold

    Kim wanted children....Kayne gets her a cat....... Kim known for fashion, now lets a man whom only wear bland blazers dress her! I get the fact that she made lemonades out of lemons! But if she's ever to become a Mother and have a daughter.I would like to hear her explain to her daughter, a woman can make it in the Country....All you have to do is be pretty, show a sex tape and take a photo showing you aren't wearing drawers.. Kim don't ge it!! As a black woman, men like Kayne are what we called bullshitters! How do expect a man to married and love you when he lets you come outside dress like a hooker? PEOPLE ARE LAUGHING AT HER SHE NEEDS TO GOOGLE MARILYN MONROEW!!!