Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj Nail Polish Showdown: 9 Other Celebrity Nail Polish Lines (GALLERY)

Nigel Lythgoe says Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj's feud is real.
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Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj may be feuding on the set of American Idol — but will the judges battle it out in the beauty world too?

This week, Canadian beauty editors got a sneak peak at Carey’s new nail polish line for OPI. The collection of eight shades hits stores in January, but the “Triumphant” singer’s fans are already counting down the days until they can sport a Mariah manicure.

The new buzz surrounding Carey’s nail polish line comes some 10 months after Minaj launched her own nail polish collection, also through OPI.

How will the Carey vs. Minaj beauty battle play out? We’ve got the lowdown on the feuding singers’ OPI collections — plus, a look at the other celebrities with nail polish lines.

The Shades. For Carey’s line, expect some — wait for it — glitter. Beauty blog I’m A Beauty Geek reports that Mariah Carey by OPI will include a frosty tan-nude hue, as well as a shimmery copper, and a pink glitter with lavender and creamy purple. The other four, also sparkly, shades — red, purple, blue, and black with red — will feature an innovative “Liquid Sand” finish.

Basically a variety pack of polishes, Minaj’s line included three solid colors (bubblegum pink, neon green, and turquoise), two sparkle-filled bottles (metallic and rainbow glitter) and a purple shade with OPI’s Shatter technology (think: a cracked top coat)

The Names. From “Not Really a Waitress” to “Already Famous,” OPI is known for its catchy nail polish names, and not surprisingly, the two judges got creative with their collections’ monikers.

Both Carey and Minaj drew inspiration from their own careers when it came to naming each bottle or mix.

Carey’s collection includes some of the singer’s most popular hits — “Get Your Number,” “Can’t Let Go,” “Stay The Night” —  as well as her most famous sayings, including “Pink Yet Lavender” and “Anti-Bleak.”

From “Pink Friday” to “Fly,” “Super Bass (Shatter)” to “Save Me,” Minaj stuck to just song titles for her nail polish line.

The Price Tags. No showdown here. Each bottle from Carey and Minaj’s collections cost $8.50 a pop.

Not getting involved in the Nicki vs. Maria beauty battle? The American Idol Season 12 judges are not the only celebrities who have their own nail polish collections.

Carey and Minaj join a growing list of stars that have included Katy Perry, Fergie, The Kardashians, and even The Muppets launched a nail polish collection in 2011 to correspond with the release of the film.

What do you think of Mariah Carey’s OPI line? Would you buy it? Check out the gallery of celebrity nail polish lines, and tell us who nailed it.

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