‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Keegan Allen Teases Another Big Reveal for Toby (VIDEO)

PLL Halloween: Marlene King
The EP and writer of the Halloween episode teases the big death.
When ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars revealed that Toby (Keegan Allen) was part of the “A” team in the last moments of Season 3’s midseason finale, it’s safe to say that fans’ jaws hit the floor. (We’re still reeling from the shock here.)

So when we spoke with Allen at the premiere of Pretty Little Liars Halloween special at the Hollywood Cemetery, we had to ask him… how long did he know he was going to be “A”?

“I’ve known for a while and it was really hard to keep a secret,” he told us. “No one else knew and when they did shoot it, we shot it with three different people so that even if someone had an idea of who it might be they weren’t 100 percent sure until it aired. “

So will the Liars find out in the second have of the season?

“The girls are going to find out,” Allen revealed.

“It’s pretty intense. It was really hard to shoot that too… it was emotional to see someone be destroyed and Spencer’s destroyed when she finds out,” he continued “The girls are destroyed and it’s just intense to find out someone that you trusted so much to just dismantle your trust in them so easily. “

Keegan also told us that he and the other known member of the A-team, Mona (Janel Parrish) will definitely have some scenes together when she returns to school in Season 3B.

“He definitely sees her and they’re going to have scenes together, which are rock and roll baby,” he told us. “They’re going to do some stuff together and collaborate. We get to see the “A” layer and to see them in it in the next season. It’s pretty crazy.”

As for the death on next week’s Halloween episode, Allen warns that it’s just as much as a shock as his big reveal.

“The body comes face to face with one of the Liars too, so it’s even more shocking. It’s really dark and twisted. We really do separate ourselves in this medium of teen shows and do something that it’s just so dark, it’s so twisted and intense and wrong and yet so right.”

Watch Allen’s full interview above to hear him talk about his photography and his Halloween plans.

Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode, “This is a Dark Ride,” airs Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 8 PM on ABC Family.

Are you looking forward to the Liars finding out about Toby? Sound off in the comments below!

Watch our interviews with the rest of cast at the PLL Halloween premiere below. 

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