Rita Ora on Her Debut Album ‘Ora’ and Meeting Sia on a Rooftop in Los Angeles (VIDEO)

Rita Ora is a perfectionist — and she’ll be the first to admit it.

Back in 2008, the aspiring pop star had already recorded her debut album, but there was one problem: She wasn’t happy with the end result. “It just didn’t sound like me,” Ora told Celebuzz during an exclusive sit-down with the British singer. So at 18 years of age, she scrapped her first album.

Nearly five years later, the Roc Nation artist, now 21, finally dropped her debut album, ORA, in the U.K. and is hard at work perfecting her premiere U.S. record, which is slated for an early 2013 release.

What can American fans expect on the record? Watch the interview above to find out!

For Ora, her next single, “Radioactive,” is a favorite because it meant working with one of her idols, Australian singer Sia, who penned the track.

“Her energy is incredible,” said Ora. “I really vibe off friendship and connection and energy — it’s fuel for me — and when she’s in the studio, she gave me life. It was almost so easy to work with her.”

But this wasn’t the first time the British singer had run into her idol. The two met serendipitously three years prior — on a rooftop in Los Angeles.

“I met Sia, three years ago on a hotel rooftop in LA, when I was first recording my album, at 18, before I scrapped it. She was sitting upstairs, and she had her album. I think she was having a meeting with her label or something. She came up to me, and she asked, ‘Are you an artist?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, how do you know?’ And she said, ‘I can just smell it. I can see it.’ Then she gave me her album.”

Stateside fans can expect a few new songs on the U.S. edition of ORA, along with some the singer’s biggest UK hits — from “How We Do (Party)” to the Drake-penned track, “R.I.P.”

“You can expect those songs and new songs,” said Ora. “In this U.S. edition, there was a chance for me to put on more songs, and I could never say no to more songs.”

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