Russell Brand Says He’d ‘Eat Food Off David Beckham’s Body’: Plus Other Celebrity Bromances and Girl Crushes (GALLERY)

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Russell slips on some tight whities too
Russell Brand has confessed he has a thing for soccer stud David Beckham. And then some.

“David Beckham is a god,” the 37-year-old funnyman said at a Los Angeles gig. “Just look at him in those underwear ads. I’m not gay, but I would eat food off his body.”

What meal would he like to munch off Becks’ muscles?

“Preferably something that needs to be mopped up, like eggs,” Brand said. “I’d eat it off his stomach.”

While Brand — who was recently divorced from “Teenage Dream” singer Katy Perry — spoke openly about his adoration for another man, the former sex and drug addict is most famous for his flings with women. And despite leaving rehab nine years ago, he still gets cravings for both vices.

“I think about drugs and shagging all the time,” he said. “If I’m not thinking drugs, I’m thinking about shagging or thinking about taking drugs and then having sex while high.”

Brand isn’t the only star to reveal his celebrity crush. Take a look at the Celebuzz gallery to see a host of celebrity bromances and girl crushes.

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