After Kristen Stewart Cheating Scandal, Liberty Ross Opens Up About Moving on: 'I Don't Like Being Trapped'

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It’s been almost three months since images first appeared of Twilight star Kristen Stewart kissing her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders.

Both parties have since apologized for cheating on their respective partners and are trying to pick up the pieces from the scandal. Indeed, it looks like Stewart and co-star-turned-lover Robert Pattinson may be getting back together.

But what of Sanders and his wife, model Liberty Ross? Ross has remained mum about her husband’s affair and the summer’s series of unfortunate events — until now.

In designer Alexander Wang’s “Confessionals” video series for his Spring 2013 line — she walked in his runway show in September — Ross opens up to about growing up in Los Angeles and the importance of family.

“I’m very happy with my life. I have good people. I have two amazing children,” Ross says, notably not mentioning her husband.

Regarding the drama she’s faced in the latest few months, Ross explains, “I believe we’re all on journeys, and we’re all given lessons at certain times in our life. Sometimes, when things seem really bad, you have to be able to see the good and learn from it and move forward as graciously as possible.”

Ross acknowledges that this year was a roller-coaster, but she adds that the turmoil gave her great strength to move on.

“I don’t like being trapped or feeling that I’m not able to move forward. This year is kind of the end of some things and the beginnings of something else. Change is really important in life but I’m still the same girl when I go home.”

On Oct. 18, Ross and Sanders were spotted hugging after a counseling session in Beverly Hills, though neither sported their wedding rings. It's still not clear whether husband and wife will reconcile.

What do you think about Ross' interview? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • Old news.
    Old news.

    Wants to raise the profile on the name Kristen at all costs, this is so pathetic.

  • meme

    wow Nadine Burgos ... I hope your husband or your boy friend cheating on you with the humilited way can be you could be in Liberty Ross shoes.. you're an ass human being

  • char

    He is. Daily Mail has pics of Rupert leaving the therapist's and he's definitely still wearing his wedding ring.

  • Nadine Burgos
    Nadine Burgos

    Its her husband fault for having a wandering eye. She is milking this to her own advantage. She is an ass, that's why she was left...

  • JEAN

    Liberty is a very beautiful and elegant woman who seems to have found grace in the midst of trouble. I admire her outlook on life. She seems very wise for her young years. I say good for her!

  • Ana

    I don't think he is in the photos from last week.

  • ap

    too bad the poor woman is a victim of hatred,blame and being rediculed by Kristen fans these people are so heartless an insensitive to her.she is supposeD to be the victim intead they are blaming her for she had no perfect marriage.its like its not Kristen fault since the marriage was already falling apart before she when she came to the scene.

  • Lorie

    she seems cool and has cute kids ... but we need to move on she is old news

  • jessie ong
    jessie ong

    liberty is worth emulating...she is a picture of strength and grace in the midst of crisis. good luck and more power to liberty ross!

  • Woody88

    She does not appear to have made up her mind on reconciliatin yet. Rupert was clearly the aggressor in the material that went public. Perhaps this one time where the male did not get off easier?

  • Laur

    Ms. Ross is a very Classy Woman.

  • char

    Liberty was not wearing her wedding ring in the pics taken outside their therapist's office, but Rupert very clearly was, so not sure why you would say he he wasn't.