‘Alex Cross’ Star Tyler Perry on Tackling Co-Stars, New Challenges and Returning for ‘Star Trek 2′ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

'Alex Cross' Review
The thriller feels more like an attack on the audience.
In the films that he’s written, directed and starred in, Tyler Perry’s biggest challenge was usually getting support-top hosiery to stay on while he throttled his co-stars as Madea. But in Alex Cross, where he plays a homicide detective and serial killer profiler, Perry recounted that it was just the throttling that kept him on his toes.

“The biggest challenge for me was letting go in the fighting,” he told Celebuzz. “I’m always careful because I’m a nice guy, but that guy lives down inside me, that UFC guy, but I keep him under wraps. So letting go of that was the biggest challenge for me.”

What does his new role mean for the future of Madea?

Despite the 180 Perry makes with Alex Cross, he insists that his iconic matriarch isn’t going anywhere.

“Just like [Alex Cross author] James Patterson has a very loyal audience, so do I, and I like to give them what they want,” he said. “So if they like Madea, Madea will be around. If they love this, this will be around. I don’t think there has to be a choice between one or the other. But as an actor, you should be able to do many different things.”

Meanwhile, one of the “different things” that Perry will apparently not be doing in the near future is returning to the Star Trek movie series, after enjoying a cameo in J.J. Abrams’ 2009 franchise reboot.

“No, we couldn’t work it out – couldn’t work out the timing of it all,” he revealed. “But I spoke to J.J. a few days ago, and I’m very excited for it and for him.”

Alex Cross opened in theaters nationwide Friday, October 19. Watch the film’s theatrical trailer below.

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