Kate Moss Poses as Topless Nun for Magazine Shoot (PHOTOS)

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Kate Moss has taken the question of “saint or sinner?” to a whole new level: she’s posing as a topless nun for LOVE magazine.

With a Prada sweater acting as a cornette, the 38-year-old supermodel wears nothing but an 18ct white gold necklace and one layer of white chiffon, leaving her breasts exposed.

The shoot — which took place at Houghton Hall, the home of 18th century British Prime Minister Sir Robert Walpole — was for a photographic essay called “A Romp Through Houghton Hall.” Its photographer, Tim Walker,  says he’s been a longtime fan of Moss.

“I think she is the best thing ever,” he told Grazia magazine in a recent interview. “She came onto the scene right after an army of supermodels, and you have to admire her longevity.”

“The fact she has survived and has become the most beautiful model in the world — I think that is incredible. She has stuck with her uniqueness and made it work.”

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