LeAnn Rimes Sits Down With Katie Couric for First TV Interview Since Completing Treatment for Cyber Bullying

Couric: Thanks for "a great interview!"
Leann Talks
LeAnn Rimes opens up about rehab stint. Read More »
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LeAnn Rimes' Detractors Respond
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Set your TVs -- LeAnn Rimes is ready to talk, and she’ll be on the small screen with Katie Couric twice.

Over the weekend, the 30-year-old country superstar told her Twitter fans about her Los Angeles taping.

“Picking out my outfit for my interview with Katie Couric tonight. So sweet of her to come to LA because I could make NYC this week,” Rimes wrote.

“She’s such a great lady!” she later added.

Couric echoed with equally positive comments about her guest, who will be featured on an upcoming episode of her talk show Katie and a special Nashville edition of 20/20.

“Thanks, LeAnn, for a great interview!” Couric, 55, wrote on Twitter.

This will be Rimes’ first TV interview since checking herself into a 30-day in-patient treatment facility to deal with anxiety and stress.

Earlier this month, the "How Do I Live" songstress opened up to the Boston Herald about her treatment.

“I’ve been in therapy my whole life . . . I like going. I like being able to have that third-party input and someone to listen that has nothing to do with your life,” Rimes told the paper.

“Everyone has an opinion of how I am and how I should be, and now I’m focusing on how I want to be.”

Rimes entered treatment in August after receiving nasty messages on Twitter. The singer later filed a lawsuit in California, claiming that two women, identified as Kimberly and Lexi Smiley, had harassed Rimes on Twitter and illegally recorded a phone call and posted it on the internet.

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  • Jude Wane
    Jude Wane

    Whatever... you cheated with a married man as well as you were married. You should have "anxiety and stress" as that's Karma biting you in the butt my friend. Sucks having to think if he did that with his ex that he might do it to you huh? How about this...how you made your ex-husband feel as well as your cheating husband's ex-wife. You both deserve this misery. Us who suffer from an eating disorder don't do the selfish things you have... as it's all about you ...cheap feel sorry for me blah blah blah song. Get over yourself & think about the others that you have effected. Including the kids involved. You are ugly inside and out and you know it. Karma is a bad thing eh? I only hope ugly things follow you everyday you wake up and have to look in the mirror. Kind of how you made others feel in the past and what was wrong with them to have the things that you caused happen to them. You are an awful person and so is your husband.

  • jen

    WHY do all of you INSANE WOMEN obsess so much over Leann Rimes and her life?! You bitches are all fucking nuts!

  • Holly Ison
    Holly Ison

    I pray every day that LeAnn is doing well and that she is able to shake the dust from her feet (Matthew 10:14) when dealing with those who do nothing but put down her every move. (bowing my head). God bless you and her always! Holly in East Tennessee (a day one fan of LeAnn). P.S. I've heard it said that the best way for evil to triumph is for good to stand there and not do a thing. What that lady did to LeAnn is illegal, therefore, why should she get away it? Only more people will join in if there are not going to be any consequences for such an action.

  • gross

    Anything that Leann says in the interview with Katie can be used against her, whether it's to challenge her credibility, show a pattern of destructive behavior, or the mode/manner that Leann gives consent. Invasion of privacy doesn't just refer to illegal recordings of a phone conversation or "two party consent". Here is one definition: "invasion of privacy: the intrusion into the personal life of another, without just cause, which can give the person whose privacy has been invaded a right to bring a lawsuit for damages against the person or entity that intruded. However, public personages are not protected in most situations, since they have placed themselves already within the public eye, and their activities (even personal and sometimes intimate) are considered newsworthy, i.e. of legitimate public interest. However, an otherwise non-public individual has a right to privacy from: 1) intrusion on one's solitude or into one's private affairs; 2) public disclosure of embarrassing private information; 3) publicity which puts him/her in a false light to the public; 4) appropriation of one's name or picture for personal or commercial advantage. Lawsuits have arisen from magazine articles on obscure geniuses, use of a wife's name on a hospital insurance form to obtain insurance payment for delivery of a mistress' baby, unauthorized use of a girl's photo to advertise a photographer, and "tabloid" journalism treatment of people as freaks. There are also numerous instances of governmental invasion of privacy such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation compiling files on people considered as political opponents, partially corrected by the passage of the Freedom of Information Act in 1966. The right to privacy originated with an article in the Harvard Law Review in the 1890s written by lawyers "Bull" Warren and future Supreme Court Justice Louis D. Brandeis." Which is interesting because that means that the teacher would have a case for invastion of privacy against Leann's fans and any media outlet that knowingly continues to post false information.

  • Mary

    Privacy Invaded refers to "illegal recording" of phone conversation in 2 party consent state. It has nothing to do with anything else. Read the court docs to educate yourself on this lawsuit.

  • gross

    Correction: It was actually WG from Gossip Rocks and not Mel who doesn't understand why this interview with Katie will hurt Leann's lawsuit!

  • gross

    Mel from Gossip Rocks can't understand why an interview which airs before Leann's lawsuit case with the teacher has even been settled or ruled upon can be used against Leann in her lawsuit. I guess that makes her the idiot. If you are going to argue that your privacy was invaded, the last thing you want to do is give interviews inviting the press into that private life, home, talking about rehab, and etc...

  • gross

    How come there was no article on how Leann has been telling her fans word for word what to post to Brandi and her fans on twitter?

  • gross

    How come when it comes to Leann, certain sites never fact check? They post these lies on Leann's behalf and mislead other media outlets. Leann has been talking and on the screen nonstop since she exposed her affair with Eddie, so what can she possibly tell us in this interview with Katie that we haven't already heard from her or her mouthpieces? Since she is still in the process of that lawsuit with the teacher, doesn't this interview hurt Leann's claims that her privacy was invaded? This interview will also open up even more backlash for Leann because it's just going to generate more stories from the people that Leann has cyberbullied. Of course Leann took to twitter to annouce that she would have an interview with Katie. She wasn't the center of attention for the media. You also left out the part how Leann also stated that she was very sick and would be staying in bed for 24 hours because she and her husband had a "violent stomach bug." So how did Leann recover so quickly from this illness? This would have been the story to cover. This isn't Leann's first TV interview since going to fake rehab. Didn't she give an interview to XFactor for her tour manager and send her fans a Thank You video? Why is it still be reported that Leann was in a30 day treatment facility when based on her tweets and staged photo-ops she was only there for 2 weeks? Like Katie had a choice. Why is Leann's bad behavior being rewarded? Why is this site still saying that Leann received nasty tweets from people on twitter, when Radaronline corrected this story by showing that Leann's fans gave a certain site false information?