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The world of Revenge has been so well-expanded already on its second season simply by the addition of characters like Aiden (Barry Sloane) and Amanda’s mother (Jennifer Jason Leigh), but also the expansion of Amanda (Margarita Levieva) and even Ashley (Ashley Madekwe).

So to remove any of them from the equation at this point would drastically cut short a juicy storyline with the promise of a season of payoff. Yet, the threat of possibly eliminating any one of them at any given time loomed over “Intuition.”

Who not only survived but actually thrived?

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode, “Intuition.”

“Intuition” started with Emily (Emily VanCamp) and Aiden discussing the fact that he ended up meeting her mother when he disguised himself as a detective and visited that motel to retrieve the flight recorder. The wheels in his brain started turning when Emily spilled the secret, and he ended up returning back there — just as Emily’s mother was trying to make a run for it. This time, he called himself an FBI agent, tasked with trying to find and protect her beloved Gordon. She was reluctant, but she played along. And after he showed her the kidnapping story the Graysons were spinning in the press, she brought him to a safe that contained a hard drive Gordon left behind. She told him that Gordon said to only share it with someone who knew as much as Aiden did. It was a nice, distracting ego stroke while she went and got a taser. Of course it was a little ridiculous that she didn’t have a real gun. But then, the end of Aiden would be the end of a very interesting thread, as he is keeping Emily as only in the “need to know” the way she does with her helper bees, too.

Daniel (Josh Bowman) made a power move by cluing Ashley in on what has really gone on with the Graysons of late, but didn’t quite tell her what his plan is to take his father down — only that he has one. It appeared he was letting his feelings for her override his common sense but it only appeared that way for a short time as soon he caught wind of strange phone calls and decided to spy on her a bit. Calling security on her within the company offices, he used his few minutes alone with her purse to listen to old cell phone messages and found out that she has been feeding his father information about him. Only, by the end of the episode it seemed like her feelings for him were overriding everything else, as she cut Conrad (Henry Czerny) off. It was some kind of weird emotional chicken, and it may not have ended badly for her on this episode, but it might soon enough.

Nolan (Gabriel Mann) got some bad news this episode when Padma (Dilshad Vadsaria) went through his company’s mail and informed him that his father’s storage unit was going to be auctioned as part of an estate sale. Nolan didn’t even know his father had died, and he halted all audits and Emily work to mourn slightly. For a guy who’s so cautious about security, he left his computer open on pages about his father, which ultimately ended up letting Padma in. She went to the storage unit and brought him back a scrapbook his dad put together of his accomplishments. He may have kicked him out when he didn’t want to finish his degree, but he clearly loved his son. It was too late to make Nolan and his father grow closer, but it offered a sweet moment for Nolan and Padma.

Jack (Nick Wechsler) attempted to pay back some of Declan’s (Connor Paolo) debt from his theft, but the inspection at the bar went badly. Not only do the Porters have to find $20,000 to cover what Declan stole, but they need another $40,000 to get the bar up to code. Apparently the whole thing — the rejection from the inspector and getting Declan involved in a theft that would be easily pinned on him — was all a part of a master plan just to buy the bar out from under Jack, though. Of course, Jack was so distracted with his “sort of” girlfriend in the hospital, and the new baby to care for, that he probably won’t notice until it’s way too late. What are the odds he sells his boat to cover his costs, and the guy who ends up dead on the bottom of it is guest star J.R. Bourne?

Meanwhile, Emily went about using Amanda to get information on her mother by having her wear an earpiece went she went to visit Victoria (Madeleine Stowe). First she went for a “friendly” discussion about the journal — which Emily had rewritten in a very flowery and ominous style — hindsight in order to try to ensnare Victoria. Victoria half took the bait and offered to basically bribe Amanda to turn over the journals. Emily told her to take the money, knowing that Victoria’s signature on the check would match to the sign-in sheet at the mental institution, and she’d have her proof Victoria knew more than she was letting on about her mother’s disappearance.

When Amanda went back to Grayson Manor, though, it was for her bridal shower. She brought with her a few girls from her old strip club as a distraction — and Emily did her best to hide her contention for the fact that Amanda was once again dragging her good name through the mud simply by associating with such women. Victoria gave Amanda a gift of a new journal — one to keep record of the baby’s growth in — and the check. But with Emily’s voice in her ear, Amanda kept prodding Victoria for more information on her mother.

Unfortunately for Emily, they were in a part of the house where the security cameras were slightly compromised. Perhaps it was interference from Amanda’s earwig? Either way, Emily was getting static as she attempted to watch the scene on her smartphone. So, when Victoria and Amanda had their final confrontation on the balcony of the stairs, she didn’t hear Victoria’s claims that David wanted Emily to believe her mother was dead because the truth was worse: The truth was that she has tried to kill Emily.

It didn’t matter much, though, because after hearing about Amanda’s critical condition on some society news radio program, the former Mrs. Clarke hightailed it to the hospital to sit by her assumed daughter’s bedside. And when Emily caught a glimpse of the woman, her memories flooded back immediately.

What she thought was just a happy, carefree day at the beach was actually her mother playing a potentially fatal game where she held her daughter under water as a man called offshore to them. Now, whether or not her mother did this out of violence, mental illness, or to try to keep Amanda from a worse fate if the Initiative or the Graysons were threatening the Clarke family will remain to be seen. But Emily reacted so emotionally to the memory — basically crumpling against Aiden — motives may not matter much to her. Her new Revenge plan may have just gotten a little more black and white.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Nolan came thisclose to getting some… which means in the next few weeks we have that to look forward!

Thank you, TV gods: Amanda’s mother may not have made herself known to anyone, but she has slipped herself back into the Hamptons fold by running to her daughter’s bedside. We can’t wait for any potential face-to-face with Victoria. The look on her face when she sees that woman again will be priceless.

Awk-ward: Emily tells the doctor that if it came down to Amanda or the baby, Amanda wants him to save the baby. Seems plausible, only Emily claims that Amanda told her that in the ambulance, which could easily come back to bite her since Amanda had clearly lost too much blood to be conscious. Amanda won’t be happy if she learns her so-called friend tried to sacrifice her!

Hotness: Whether he’s in a tight t-shirt on the beach or bound to a chair, we are completely, 100% Team Aiden this season!

Fab-u-lous: Charlotte’s baby shower dress was understated but very pretty. She seemed to be the one most appropriately dressed for the occasion: It was festive without being garish.

Can. Not. Wait.: Will Emily be able to try to understand and forgive her mother, or will she become Target Enemy No. 1, even above Victoria?

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7

To whom do you think the former Mrs. Clarke is really the most dangerous? Let us know your theories in the comments below!

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