5 Lessons We Can Learn From Lindsay Lohan, Writes Criminal Prosecutor Loni Coombs (EXCLUSIVE GUEST BLOG)

Lilo's Troubled Life
Lindsay's troubled timeline.
Writing exclusively for Celebuzz, former criminal prosecutor Loni Coombs examines the Lindsay Lohan’s recent string of troubles — and advises on what the embattled starlet can do for her much-awaited comeback.

It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan has been in-and-out of hot water during last few years.

Recently, the Mean Girls actress made headlines again when her father Michael arrived at her Beverly Hills home — uninvited — in a plan to get her back into rehab.

“I’ve just left Lindsay’s house,” he told Celebuzz Friday. “It didn’t go well.”

So what should Lindsay do? Here are five things we can all learn from the troubled star:

1. Don’t let your parents use you as a pawn in their fights.

Like many kids of divorce, Lindsay appears to get pulled back and forth between her parents, like a prize to compete over. They are so eager to be the favorite parent, they never step up and do any actual parenting. Rather than be good role models, teaching Lindsey how to be a happy, healthy, productive adult, they are more interested in fighting with each other over who is getting the most limelight. As difficult as it may be, holding toxic parents at arms length may be the only way to become a strong, independent person.

2. Don’t resort to resolving family disputes in court.

Allegedly, Lindsay’s dad is trying to get a conservatorship declared for Lindsay, so Lindsay is going to get a restraining order against her dad. The only people who benefit from going to court are the attorneys, who will rack up lots of expensive billable hours, and the media, who now may get an opportunity to hear all of the family dirty laundry being exposed in court. Once you go to court, the power to make decisions no longer belongs to the parties—it all rests in the judge’s hands, and you have to abide by whatever the judge decides. Often it ends up being something that makes both sides unhappy.

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