‘Alex Cross’ Star Matthew Fox Finds Fun in Playing a Serial Killer (VIDEO)

'Alex Cross' Review
Perry's serial killer thriller is pretty awful.
Looking at the intensity with which Matthew Fox throws himself into each role, it’s hard to imagine the actor just sort of joking around – especially when, as in Alex Cross, he’s playing a sociopathic serial killer.

But Fox insists that there are a lot of different ways to enjoy yourself, even if the work you’re doing seems dark, complicated and difficult.

“I guess it comes down to how you define fun,” he told Celebuzz, laughing. “Some people find fun like funny, ha-ha fun… but in the work, I find fun figuring things out and trying to break things down.”

That said, Fox’s idea of a relaxing evening still sounds a little more intense than, say, a bottle of wine and a Lost marathon.

“I’m that guy who every time I come across a Ted Bundy or a Jeffrey Dahmer documentary or interviews, I always watch it,” he reveals. “I’m fascinated by how people rationalize very extreme, socially deviant behavior.

Alex Cross is in theaters now. You can watch the rest of Fox’s interview with Celebuzz below.

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