Election 2012: President Barack Obama's 14 Most Memorable Moments (GALLERY)

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In exactly two weeks, Americans nationwide will take to the polls to decide who will become the next President of the United States, former Governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney or the current leader of the Free World, Barack Obama.

As voters finalize their picks, Celebuzz has decided to kick off its two weeks worth of election coverage with a look back at Obama's stay in the White House.

From the moment he was inaugurated, on Jan. 20, 2009, Obama's presidency has been filled with hot-button issues, pop culture moments and controversies that have involved everyone from Aretha Franklin to, yes, Kanye West.

What was your most memorable moment from the last four years under Obama?

Click through our gallery, above, for a refresher, then sound off in the comments.

Also be sure to stay tuned to Celebuzz's full coverage of the 2012 Election, through Election Day, on Nov. 6.

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  • Katie

    I do not live in America, I am from Australia, however if Mitt Romney wins this election, I'm not sure how the WORLD will function. Don't think that I am uneducated in American politics, au contraire, I follow it more. I don't think some Americans have perception of how integral the American President is to the whole world. America is one of the most influential countries and if someone like Mitt Romney is running it, I'm not sure how the world will cope. He is all for inequality for people who he doesn't like, all for lying, and mainly he is all for going back and pretending like it's 1955. Obama is a now president - he is current, he uses tumblr and twitter and facebook. He is relatable, he is a profound public speaker and most importantly - he gets things done! I hope for everyone's sake that Mitt Romney does not become president because then the whole world will be in turmoil.

  • Brian Maple
    Brian Maple

    President Obama's debate win was truly impressive and now makes three out of four debate wins for Obama/Biden. People seem to finally be realizing that Mitt Romney and the GOP have based an enormous amount of their election strategy on lies, hated and deceit. From the 72 million Americans that will be left without any health insurance, whatsoever, by year 2020, under Romney's plan (determined by two independent, non-partisan research studies available to the public), to women and minorities being drastically stripped of their equal rights because of his refusal to support initiatives like the Lily Ledbetter Act which enables women to be paid the same as men provided they do the same work (the first act passed by President Obama) or Hospital Visitation Rights which allows gay people the same visitation rights as straight people when a loved one is in hospital, Americans are seeing Mitt Romney for who he really is. From the West Coast to the East Coast and all of our our great country in between, we Americans are seeing from these debates that a Romney/Ryan plan will leave the middle class being burdened with much higher taxes while the wealthiest Americans pay less in tax because "it will help inspire job hiring" which evidence showed us in the Bush years, does not happen. Out of four debates neither Romney or Ryan could specify their "tax plan" despite being given numerous opportunities. That is not honest. That is not American. That is not integrity and that is certainly not Christian. Mitt Romney also has the highest disapproval rating, of all time, of any Presidential candidate, ever. Higher than Bush. We must understand this. The entire world hates the guy. We must be proud to be Americans. We must have a President who represents all of America and that we can be proud of. We are coming out of one of the most difficult economic times in our history in large part because of two wars we are finally ending. We are bringing our brothers and sisters home. But we cannot go backward. We must go forward. We are Americans. And we will prevail.