Enrique Iglesias Drops New Steamy 'Finally Found You' Music Video (VIDEO)

Enrique Iglesias is bringing fans into his bedroom.

His new music video for "Finally Found You" is chock full of sexual tension as the Latin singer leads a mysterious blonde (who also looks a lot like real-life girlfriend Anna Kournikova) back to his place for a steamy make-out session. The duo are seen kissing against a wall before clothes start coming off.

“In this crazy world the choice is ours, only got a few / either you’re coming with me or I’m coming with you / ’cause I finally found, I finally found you,” Iglesias croons on the track. The rest of the lyrics are now available on DirectLyrics.

The new single — a collaboration with rapper Sammy Adams -- landed on iTunes' Top 40 Singles chart just hours after it was released on the internet.

Iglesias, 36, even released a heartfelt video message to thank his fans after the impressive feat.

"Thank you for supporting my new single," he said.

Watch the video below for more from the singer himself.

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  • Mask

    Yes I think he is addictive

  • Shelley

    Yes, I think he is an addict.

  • kaarlina

    he might be a sex addict

  • Lisa

    Really really BAD VIDEO, how does Anna put up with him!

  • Diana Lambertson
    Diana Lambertson

    UM, This IS a video I know it was a lousy thing to do to that girl just leave like that but that was a character is is playing it has not reflection on as a person. He is one of the sweetest guys around. Also that beautiful girl in the video looks nothing like AK, Not all blonds look alike.

  • Max

    Baliamos to. I'm f@&!/&/! You tonight. And all the other unmentionable lyrics in every song of his. What happened to you Him??????? TOO MUCH PORN PERHAPS?????????

  • Max

    Let me guess, more bimbos, in his usual dirty videos. This guy just either loves to touch women, or really likes to degrades them. Figure it out for yourselves which....

  • Sunday rose
    Sunday rose

    Not very gentlemanly of him, not even a note left behind. Wham bham no thank you mam! (Like grandfather,like father like son and possibly grandson) poor Anna!!! Enrique bringing porn to mainstream singlehanded. (Lookout fathers everywhere). Lookout women and girls out there another heartbreaker without a heart and soul.