‘Happy Endings’ Stars Dish on Season 3: Penny’s Accident, Jane’s New Job, Dave and Alex’s ‘Casual’ Relationship

'Happy Endings' at Paley
The cast and producers dish on Season 3.
Get ready folks! ABC’s Happy Endings is back!

Our favorite six friends return with a hilarious Season 3 premiere, which starts off with Penny (Casey Wilson) in a body cast and Max (Adam Pally) as her nurse.

Though, from what the pair told Celebuzz when we recently visited the set, she may not benefit from having her BFF on hand.

“Max is kind of the nurse similar to Kathy Bates in Misery I would say, “ Pally said. “I think he enjoys the company and also enjoys Penny not being able to screw up his schemes.”

So what makes him go all Misery on her? Of course, her cute actual nurse, Kent (guest star Matthew Del Negro).

“It’s actually a dark storyline,” Wilson told us. “Max poisons Penny and then tries to make out the masseuse. Penny crawls out of the window and passes out on the street and strangers find her. “

Penny won’t be in a body cast for too long though, trading it in for a helmet in subsequent episodes to prevent further head injury. Penny’s dream will come true later on the season when she gets a legitimate boyfriend, Pete (Nick Zano). The pair will meet in a bike shop.

And since she doesn’t want him to know about her injury, she told us Penny will “arrange a lot of dates that involve helmets. We do a moped safety course, segway stuff and a construction site.”

While Penny is recovering, Dave (Zach Knighton) and Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) will announce to the group that they’re “casually dating.”

To their surprise no one cares. “We are the ones making a big deal about it,” said Knighton. “They’re like ‘We don’t care, nobody cares about your stuff anymore.'” Though the on-screen couple told us, things won’t be casual for long as the two will look for a place together.

Meanwhile, Brad (Damon Wayans, Jr.) will be enjoying the unemployed life, or so Jane (Eliza Coupe) thinks. In the first episode back, we’ll see Brad feigning unemployment but by episodes end he’ll be enjoying it.

Wayans told us that unemployed Brad’s life will include “a lot of hanging out with Max.” He said, “They’ve had me do a lot of physical stuff this season and I am not upset about that.”

To which Coupe replied, “Neither is Jane. Eliza doesn’t hate it either.”

Jane will be getting a new job this season as a car dealer. “I deal cars with Rob Corddry,” she told us. But what can we expect at the dealership?

“There’s been a lot of weird things that happen at that dealership. A lot of things. Animals involved,” she teased. Expect to see tons of Jane’s Type-A personality as well. Coupe also said that we’ll see Jane “wanting to be one of the guys too. So it’s very interesting.”

Season 3 of Happy Endings will also feature the origin story of this group of friends on a well-known unaired season of The Real World, a major Thanksgiving episode and a “replacement Penny” of sorts named Nicole (Kulap Vilaysack) who he calls Nickel.

Watch the hilarious video of the cast’s best abbreviations from Season 2 above.

Season 3 of Happy Endings premieres Tuesday at 9 PM on ABC.

What are you most looking forward to for Season 3? Let us know in the comments below!

Watch our interviews with the cast and executive producers of Happy Endings at the Paley Center below. 

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