Kristin Cavallari Reveals She’s Already Thinking About Having Baby Number Two (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Even though Kristin Cavallari accepted fiance Jay Cutler’s proposal over a year ago, she says that wedding bells are still a ways off for the happy couple.

“I don’t want to plan a wedding right now,” Cavallari told Celebuzz at the Bing It On Halloween Costume Challenge in New York City.

Instead, the former Hills star — who welcomed her first child, son Camden Jack, on Aug. 8 — is dedicating her time to being a new mom.

“Just the thought of [getting married] gives me a headache, with a newborn baby,” she explained.

Still, that hasn’t stopped Cavallari from thinking about having another kid.

“We might have another one before we get married,” Cavallari said. “We’re talking about baby number two. It’s a little soon still for me. I’m not sleeping quite enough yet to even think about having another one. But we want a big family, so definitely at some point we’ll have another one.”

After calling off their engagement in July 2011, Cavallari, 25, and Cutler, 29, kissed and made up by the end of the year and renewed their promise to tie the knot. But while their “I do”‘s are on hold for now, Cavallari says they’ve already begun to envision their big day.

“[Jay and I] talk about the wedding,” Cavallari confessed. “I think we know where we’re gonna get married. I think I know what colors I want and that sort of thing.”

“But there’s nothing set in stone as of right now,” she added.

In fact, they might have to wait awhile before it happens. As Cavallari explained, she doesn’t want any vows to be exchanged until two-month-old Camden hits the toddler stage.

“I want Camden to walk down the aisle,” she revealed. “So, we will have to wait until he can walk.”

In the meantime, Cavallari is basking in her new-found motherhood.

“It’s just been a really nice feeling,” she gushed. “I love having the responsibility of this little life. Now he’s smiling, laughing, making all these little sounds. You can actually have a conversation with him with sounds. Everyday is a new thing — and it’s so much fun. It’s just great. There’s just so much love you feel for this little human.”

Cavallari says she was surprised by her maternal instinct.

“I didn’t realize how calm and naturally I would be with the whole thing,” she said. “I thought I would worry about him a lot but I’ve just been so at ease since bringing him home.”

But she still has hesitations as a protective mother, especially when posed with the thought of Camden following in her father’s footsteps.

“I don’t want him to play football because it’s too violent,” she said of Camden possibly following in his father’s footsteps. “He can play baseball or a sport where he doesn’t get hit all the time. That would be nice.”

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