Madonna Falls on Stage During Dallas MDNA Concert (VIDEO)

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Madonna has fallen head over heels — literally.

At her sold-out Sunday show in Dallas, Texas, the Queen of Pop strutted across the stage in stiletto boots as she belted out her classic hit, "Like A Prayer." As she bent down to touch hands with fans in the cheering crowd, Madge fell face-forward to the ground.

But the seasoned pop performer rolled with it, seamlessly turning the tumble into a part of her routine.

After lifting her legs into the air — in a move reminiscent of her famous "Like A Virgin" moment from the VMAs — Madonna flipped onto her front and quickly clambered back to her feet, all without missing a beat.

But some YouTube commentators speculate the spill — which came just one night after she canceled a concert due to laryngitis — wasn't a misstep. "She was pulled," one user commented on the clip of Madonna's all. "Look at the security in front of the stage...They look in the audience at some guy." Another chimes in: "She ought to just touch her fans' finger tips instead of grabbing and shaking their hands. That was bound to happen by some overzealous fan eventually."

Wherever the fault lies, Madonna is certainly not the first musician to take a tumble on stage. In October 2008, Katy Perry repeatedly fell during a on-stage stunt performing "I Kissed A Girl" at the MTV Latin America Awards. At the 2009 American Music Awards, Jennifer Lopez plopped down on her famous rear-end — but quickly popped back up in her choreography. And in a 2010 concert, Rihanna slipped on her way down the steps but recovered like a pro.

Watch the fan footage of Madonna's nose dive in the video above.

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  • Nicki L
    Nicki L

    Nick Johnston, I know you! I see you all the time. You tried your damnedest to get into that silly A-List show. The producers kept cutting the camera whenever your head reflected the stage lighting. It figures that you would write something like that above, to "brag" about the hot Dallas bathrooms and to beg Madonna to come see you at your "favorite club" just because you think the will. Madonna will be like, "Who are you?", "Oh yeah, some poor, old, bald dude. Next." Nick, you're trashy with some stank-ass breath (hint: antibiotics may help that). And where did your hair go? Dude... For someone well into their 30s, your hair fell out awfully fast. And, it's no wonder that you never moved up at Bank of America, with your poor work ethic. We've all seen your bathroom antics, late arrivals, sick calls, etc... I work in your building, and all I have to say is that the rumor mill turns. I hear you still dance on the boxes out at the night clubs while you should be focusing on your job? You're right about those bathrooms -- you sure love them. From the Tin Room bathrooms, to Station 4, to Round Up. You stand by all of them! lol. That's where you've been meeting your tricks since, well, before your hair fell out. Anyway, good luck getting "Madonna" to come see you at Station 4, just because you write a pathetic letter. I doubt she will hear you, and I doubt she would give two shits about your tired ass.

  • Nick Johnston in Dallas
    Nick Johnston in Dallas

    Jay, you know you’re my best friend. Well one of my only friends I guess. I thought I would make more friends when I moved here from Louisiana, but it didn’t happen. My hair fell out before I made friends lol. My luck. Now I’m just old and bald. But still, I love my Jay Gruell! I had fun with you at our favorite club, Station 4. Although, the bathrooms over at Tin Room are hotter, so that's where I like to hang out. I'd go out every night if I could, but I am just a low man on the job at Bank of America. Man, I wish I was a big banker, but I’m not. Ugh, if only my hair would grow back. Ok, Jay I will see you at S4 this weekend! Maybe I'll write a letter to Madonna and have her come to S4 sometime. I am so excited now!

  • Jay Gruell
    Jay Gruell

    I was at the show, but I didn't see her fall. I was in the nosebleeds. I wish I could have afforded to be closer. Station 4 was fun after the concert though, with my friend Nick Johnston. We just hang out over by the bathrooms where we meet people. Someone mentioned she fell. I think she was pulled probably, but I don't know a whole lot of things. I work at a motel.

  • diadema

    really pathetic!!!!!! i guess is the right time to leave............... great performance in the past but now...............