Melanie Griffith Bombarded With Hateful Tweets Over Her Looks: 8 Other Celebrities Who Were Cyberbullied (GALLERY)

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Melanie Griffith has revealed she’s the victim of Twitter abuse with hateful followers taking to the web to attack her appearance.

The 55-year-old actress is relatively new to the social networking site, but says instead of heartwarming messages she’s been bombarded with hurtful tweets.

“Most people are telling me I look horrible,” she told Us Weekly. “The tweets I get are really nasty.”

Despite the abuse, Griffith says its tough to age well but she does everything she can to do it gracefully.

“I don’t know if I look that great,” she said. “But I work out a lot. I have a trainer that I work with four times a week, and I do hot yoga.”

Griffith isn’t the only celebrity who has faced abuse via the internet. Celebuzz has compiled a gallery of stars who have been cyberbullied. Flip through the gallery above.

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