One Direction’s Tattoo Artist Kevin Paul Dishes on His Latest Ink: What Does Zayn Malik Want Next?

Harry's Ink
One Direction's Harry Styles shows off more tattoos.
If there’s one thing Harry Styles loves more that the ladies, it’s getting inked.

The 18-year-old crooner has spent quite a lot of time in tattoo artist Kevin Paul’s chair lately, and now the professional is dishing on the lads of One Direction — and what tats they want next.

Recently, Styles revealed several new tattoos, including two zigzags and the British monetary sign, “99p.” He also had “Things I can” and “Things I can’t” inked on his forearms.

“They are these tiny little bits and pieces,” Paul told MTV News about Styles’ new ink. “Everyone’s different, like Zayn [Malik’s] got microphones and music stuff and, like, Harry has more personal things, like he has little things for his mom and all that kind of stuff.”

“He hasn’t got proper tattoos,” the artist continued. “They’re just scattered around. I think as he gets older he will want proper pieces and he’ll have all these little pieces.”

However, when it comes to which boy-bander Paul expects to see in his chair next, it’s 19-year-old Malik, who already has several tats, including a microphone on his forearm.

“The last person I spoke to was Zayn about getting tattoos,” Paul said, teasing that the teen is considering an old-fashioned stereo tattoo. “That was the last time I spoke to One Direction about tattoos.”

He added: “[Zayn’s tattoos are] all music-related, which is a big part of his life and stuff so I don’t think he’s really going to regret that.”

Styles, on the other hand, is usually a bit more scattered when it comes to his ideas. “With like Harry, Harry had loads if ideas last time and it was just all random things and I told him that really think about what you’re going to have because it’s all right now when you’re 18, but like when you’re 24 or 25, what is the little squiggles on the side of your arm going to look like?,” he said.”

When it comes to financing their permanent body art, it doesn’t look like One Direction needs to worry about running low on funds any time soon.

The boy band ranked at No. 5 on a rich list of young British stars with a staggering fortune of £26.3 million — approximately $42 million — in the last year.

Considering the lads have yet to release their sophomore album, Take Me Home, and embark on their 2013 world tour, this fortune is only going in one direction — up.

Take Me Home drops Nov. 13.

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