‘Half the Stuff They Say Is Lies’: Twisted Sister Frontman Dee Snider Weighs in on Barack Obama, Mitt Romney Performances in Presidential Debates

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Barack Obama and Mitt Romney may have faced off in their final debate on Monday night, but one celebrity voter wasn’t swayed.

“Like most people, debates can’t really change my position on things,” Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider told Celebuzz at NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice: All Stars event recently, noting that he skipped the vice presidential contest.

“I know it’s showmanship. It’s a whole dog and pony show up there. They say most people have their minds made up already.”

Snider added that he thinks the the war of words is uninformative.

“I mean, half the stuff they say is lies,” Snider said. “They’re both lying. Then the fact checking comes and it’s like, ‘Oh, that was a lie?’ [and] ‘Oh, he made that up?’ Yah know, get the facts and then make a decision.”

Though he hasn’t spoken out in support of either ticket, Snider did take a stance against Republican vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan back in August.

After learning that the candidate had blasted Twisted Sister’s 1984 anthem, “We’re Not Gonna Take It,” during a campaign stop in Pennsylvania, the rocker renounced any associated between his hair metal band and Ryan.

“The first line of ‘We’re Not Going To Take It’ is ‘We’ve got the right to choose,'” Snider told us. “I stand by the words. I made it the first line of the song for a reason. If you’re against choice, you’re not a friend of mine.”

“Paul Ryan is very much against people choosing,” he clarified. “And I’ve never objected to anybody using the song. You know, the Tea Party uses the song. And I didn’t even say he couldn’t use it, I just let it be known that I do not associate myself with them.”

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