‘Pretty Little Liars’ Halloween Special: 6 Things to Expect From the Killer Episode (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

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Marlene King teases episode's big death.
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Star Keegan Allen teases another big reveal for Toby in 3B.
It’s all aboard the “A” train as it heads into Rosewood on Tuesday’s special Halloween episode of ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars.

This Halloween is set to rock the worlds of our favorite Liars, Aria (Lucy Hale), Emily (Shay Mitchell), Spencer (Troian Bellisario), and Hanna (Ashley Benson) as one Rosewood resident won’t make it off the train alive. And if that doesn’t excite you, it also features a performance by American Idol alum Adam Lambert.

Celebuzz caught up with cast and executive producers at the episode’s Hollywood Forever cemetery premiere in Los Angeles to get all the scoop on what’s going down on the “A” Train.

Executive Producer Marlene King and writer Joseph Dougherty already spilled that the departed resident will be a he, so we can narrow the network’s original list of 13 down to seven.

“He’d be the least expected person to not make it to the end of the line,” Dougherty revealed.

King added, “This character dies, because he has a huge secret and is about to reveal that secret to a Pretty Little Liar.” What could the secret be? Who will die on the episode?

You’ll have to watch to find out, but here are six things you need to know about “This Is a Dark Ride.”

Note: Mild spoilers ahead.

1. Aria’s scary ride. While the train ride will prove terrifying for some, and deadly for another, Aria is, for sure, going to have one scary time this Halloween. “She’s finally got something really terrifying and thrilling or as an actress it was thrilling. Something pretty horrible happens to her,” Hale told us.

From what we’ve seen we know that Aria will go missing when on the train and that others’ lives may also be in peril, but where’s Ezra? Hale mentioned that though we haven’t seen Ezra in any of the clips for “This Is a Dark Ride” he will most definitely be in the episode.

2. A New member of the “A” team? Sasha Pieterse, who plays Ali on PLL, told us “You get to meet a new suspect. I don’t know if meet is the right word but you get to see this new suspect in a totally different light. “

“You would have never thought this person would be a suspect. The scene is so bizarre” she teased. “You see Ali in a different light. The contrast between her and this other person and how she controls and manipulates; you see her wrapping someone around her finger. It’s very interesting to see how everything pans out and how it kind of blends in with the Halloween episode and our second half of our season. “

3. Emily and Paige. Though we didn’t get to speak with Mitchell at the premiere, we did catch up with Lindsay Shaw, who plays Emily’s girlfriend Paige on the show. She told us that Paige will be taking a break from her post-traumatic stress to have some fun on Halloween.

“It’s not easy for Paige, but there’s no huge things that come up,” she said. “She’s able to help the girls in the way that she needs to. She kind of solidifies her stance as a good guy. Her and Emily have a great scene in the beginning.”

4. Mona’s creepy singing. While Mona is still locked away in the Sanitarium during the Halloween episode, she, of course,  still makes an impact. “She won’t be attending the party on the train but she might still be pulling some strings where she is,” she revealed. “The question is how and who is working with her?”

She’ll also be using her lovely voice within the episode… but it will be kind of scary. “It is creepy singing. I’m singing a nursery rhyme and it’s really creepy,” she says. “Nursery rhymes can be kind of creepy and it’s a song about teddy bears having a picnic.” As for whether or not there may be another message within her song, she’d only say, “Maybe.”

5. What’s going on with Aria’s Dad? Chad Lowe, who plays Byron Montgomery on Pretty Little Liars told us his appearance on the episode “sets in motion a lot of things that we’ll be explored further when we come back in January.” When pressed for more information, the actor declined to say where he is on the episode as he didn’t want to ruin the surprise. Sneaky, huh?

6. Creepy babies. Brendan Robinson, who plays Lucas, filled us in on his character during PLL’s web series, Pretty Dirty Secrets, and informed us we’d see a familiar face (kind of).  In case you haven’t seen the web series, he said, “You’ll learn that Lucas is kind of continuing his sketchy behavior. He shows up to the Halloween costume shop and he says that he’s there to buy a costume but really he might be there to make a business transaction.”

Appearing in the shop as well is one of those “creepy dead baby things,” which he told us will make appearance in the Halloween episode as well. As one of “A’s” seemingly disturbing trademarks (the baby dolls have appeared in multiple episodes now including last year’s Halloween episode), Robinson promises that everything will make a lot more sense when we get into the second half of the season in January.

Pretty Little Liars Halloween episode airs Tuesday at 8 PM on ABC Family.

Who do you think will die in the episode? Give us your theories below! 

Watch our interviews with cast at the PLL Halloween premiere below. 

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