‘Chicago Fire’s’ Taylor Kinney Says Dating Lady Gaga Is ‘Normal’: ‘I’m a Happy Guy’ (VIDEO)

kinney and gaga on vaca
The two share a moment in Australia.
Despite Lady Gaga being a one-of-a-kind, boyfriend Taylor Kinney says dating her is pretty normal.

“I don’t know, because I don’t have that outside view,” he said when asked by Hoda Kotb whether or not it was strange dating the iconic pop star. “It’s normal, if you will, in that respect.”

While Kinney appeared with Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford on the Today show to talk his NBC show Chicago Fire, the anchors slyly brought up his famous pop star girlfriend by asking if he’s been successful at meeting some ladies while working as an actor.

Prior to the premiere of Chicago Fire, Gaga showed her support for her boyfriend when she tweeted her more than 30 million followers telling them to watch the show.

“I was surprised,” said Kinney regarding that gesture. “I think she’s proud of, you know, a girlfriend being proud of her boyfriend.” He added, “She’s been to the set a couple times.”

But how does the pair see each other when he’s busy on-set in Chicago and she’s performing on tour?

“She hasn’t said anything, but she has a spaceship and she can get from A to B pretty quickly,” he joked.

Though he didn’t reveal much more about his relationship, the actor did tell the ladies, “I’m a happy guy. I’m a lucky guy.”

Kinney, 31, and Gaga, 26, met on the set of Gaga’s original “You And I” music video in 2011. The pair even got “married” in her fifth video version of the song released this summer.

Kinney’s show, Chicago Fire, airs Wednesdays at 10 PM on NBC.

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