Donald Trump Speaks Out on Ripping Kristen Stewart on Twitter, Warns Robert Pattinson: 'Back Off... She’s Bad News!' (EXCLUSIVE)

"This is not a good situation for Pattinson."
Trump Slams KStew
Donald Trump calls her a "dog" for cheating on Robert Pattinson. Read More »

If you think Donald Trump is done with Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal, think again.

The 66-year-old business mogul -- the chairman and president of The Trump Organization -- became enemy no. 1 in the Twi-hard community last week when he slammed the actress for cheating on beau Robert Pattinson, calling her a "a dog" for her tryst with married director Rupert Sanders.

Now, Trump is airing out why he decided to weigh in on the Twilight couple's on-and-off relationship.

"It was obvious to me," he told Celebuzz during an exclusive interview. "This is not a good situation for Pattinson considering the background story."

Pattinson, 26, recently made headlines of his own when he reportedly took back Stewart, 22, after the cheating scandal.

In early October, the duo were spotted canoodling at Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles before parting ways for the individual legs of their Breaking Dawn - Part 2 promotional tour.

So what advice does Trump have for the British actor now that he's forgiven his girlfriend for her infidelity?

"Back off and leave Kristen alone," he said. "She’s bad news!"

As for Trump, the business magnate is gearing up for Celebrity Apprentice: All-Stars, where former celeb contestants are brought back for a second chance to win big for their charities.

"There can and will be some big surprises," he told us of the new season, adding that there's no clear frontrunner in his eyes just yet.

"That’s very hard to tell—all of these people are talented and unpredictable."

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  • Rob & Kristen 4ever
    Rob & Kristen 4ever

    There's nothing to prove she slept with Rupert, from what I seen they was just kissing and there are no pictures of them going in or out of a house/hotel/motel and people can change.....SO NO NOT ONCE A CHEATER ALWAYS A CHEATER, I KNOW PEOPLE THAT CHEATED ON THEIR BF AND OR GF BUT WHEN THEY FOUND OUT THEY WAS HAVING A BABY, THEY GREW UP, GOT MARRIED AND WAS FAITHFUL.

  • Woody88

    The detail that everyone is overlooking is that they have been together for two months. Only the photos are new.

  • ugh

    You're vile and way over invested In Rob's private, personal life. Go take your meds and quit calling people sluts. Gross.

  • Leyla

    Trump is totally right! R should dump Kslut! in fact K's less than a dog, dogs are faithful... not her!

  • snazzysandy

    I think Mr. Trump should be more concerned about his horrible comb-over hairstyle instead of worrying about whats going on in someone's relationship. If he put half the effort into his hairstyle that he puts into voicing his opinion on someones relationship woes, the world would be a much betta place.

  • picklebone

    Thank you grandpa. Now take the big blue one and go back to bed.

  • Jon

    Trash can spot fellow trash from a mile away. For once, Trump may be right about something.

  • sam

    Donald Trump just issued an embarrassing throw down to the President of the United States. He also tweeted he thought it was "karma" that Derek Jeter got hurt in the Yankees game for selling his apt in the Trump Tower. So, Kristen Stewart is in good company! I'll take President Obama, Derek Jeter and Kristen Stewart ANY DAY over that crazy financial leech! Hands down.

  • Amy

    UGH who cares what Donald Trump says he cheated on his wife, a least Rob & Kristen aren't married. I realize that yes it was an awful thing to do and it hurt him but after awhile they worked on things and have move past it. Why can't everyone else? Also why isn't everyone talking about the actual guy who was married, they wanna put her on deth roll ecause she slept with this man. But your early 20's is when your expected to screw up a little. I think Donalds problem is that not alot of people consider him significant and h has to act out like a child to get noticed which is ignorant. Rob and Kristen are acting more like adults in this whole situation.

  • Nijah

    Did he just call himself a dog too. Lmao, how blindsided is he. Hey Donald, maybe it's good to keep your opinion to yourself until you know the whole story. I doubt he has talked to either Robert or Kristen.

  • fersuge

    son todos estupidos metanse en su vida! la relación es de dos: kristen y robert! ese viejo no tiene que meterse!

  • Marie Luis Gines
    Marie Luis Gines

    shut your mouth mr.trump

  • Missy

    Then I guess he is a dog for cheating on his wives. Lets call the kettle black here. He is not even in their relationship to give advice unwanted or not. He needs to mind his own business. He has enough to do unless he is bored then he need to ask his girlfriend because he is probably cheating with her. Once a cheater always a cheater, right Mr Trump. Take care of your own business.

  • Carol Ann Hunigan Booher
    Carol Ann Hunigan Booher

    im not great fan of Kristen but who the hell is he to talk about anyone...i distincly remember when he screwed Marla Maples while he had a wife Ivana...who lol took him good ..thank goodnes.. he needs to keep his hawk nose out of peoples business

  • kira

    Donald is right! She shouldn't have called her that, that was uncalled for but, I'm with him about Robert taking her back. She has done it before, to the boyfriend she had before Rob. She's a cheater!

  • You're Stupid
    You're Stupid

    So you don't think someone in an adult relationship who cheats should be considered a "dog"?

  • Theresa

    who warned Donald's plethora of wives about him???

  • honey bee
    honey bee

    Donald Old man, back off, You're a dirty old man calling 22 year old young girl a dog? Who the hell are you? creator of the universe?