‘Lone Ranger’ Star Armie Hammer Rescues Woman From L.A. Car Crash (REPORT)

Who was that masked man? He didn’t even leave a silver bullet.

Armie Hammer, star of the upcoming Lone Ranger reboot, reportedly managed some real-life heroics on Monday when he helped rescue a woman from a smashed car during evening rush hour in Los Angeles.

Hammer’s helpfulness, as reported by E! Online, first came to light in an account of the accident by model Leeann Tweeden, who wrote on her Facebook page about the accident.

“I was sitting in my house when I hear an accident tonight,” Tweeden wrote. “I throw on my shoes and run out of my house to see if I can help. I see it’s on my (busy) corner and run down that way. I run up as a guy is helping an older woman (60ish?) out of her smashed up car that both airbags deployed in.”

Tweeden wrote that she and the guy were helping the woman for a while before she recognized her fellow good Samaritan. “When the guy turns around, who is it?!!!! None other than: ARMIE HAMMER!!!!! (Yes, from The Social Network, J. Edgar and the upcoming The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp!)”

“Yes, ladies. The cutie Armie was in the opposite turn lane in his Audi and watched the whole thing go down and got out of his car to help,” continued Tweeden, who added that she had met the actor before and knows his wife. “Me and him. Out of millions in LA.”

Hammer’s rep has yet to respond to Celebuzz’s requests for confirmation.

Check out the gallery at the top of the article for more examples of celebrities who’ve been heroes off-screen.

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