Election 2012: 26 Celebrities Who’ve Played the President On-Screen (GALLERY)

Actors Playing Politicians
Would you elect John Travolta and Tina Fey?
Politically Active Celebs
These stars put their money where their mouth is.
The U.S. presidential election may be just weeks away, but 2012 is all about former president Abraham Lincoln.

The American icon is the subject of two movies being released this year: the alternate-universe, action flick Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, and Steven Spielberg’s biopic Lincoln.

From Daniel Day-Lewis to Benjamin Walker, many actors in Hollywood have stepped up to the plate to portray the president of the United States on-screen.

But seeing how Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are duking it out at the voter’s booth this November (not to mention their fiery debates trending worldwide), there’s no doubt this election will be too documented on TV and movies for years to come.

In fact, Saturday Night Live players Fred Armisen and Jay Pharoah have both played the part of Obama on the NBC sketch comedy show.

Who else has been president — Hollywood-wise? Launch the gallery to find out.

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