Jon Hamm Goes Shirtless With Bikini-Clad Jessica Paré for ‘Mad Men’ (PHOTOS)

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Don Draper sure knows how to rock a pair of swim trunks.

On Wednesday, Jon Hamm and costar Jessica Paré, who plays his onscreen wife Megan, were spotted hard at work on the set of Mad Men in Hawaii.

While the photos shed little light on what the Season 6 premiere will bring for viewers, one thing’s for sure: Don and Megan are still very much together . . . or so it seems.

As Deadline previously reported, the only actors on hand for the Hawaii shoot are Hamm and Pare, which opens up a string of possibilities for what else will happen on the season opener. (Pete Campbell’s new Manhattan apartment!)

Mad Men fans will recall that in last season’s finale, Megan finally gets her big break in the industry, starring in the new Butler shoe commercial.

After visiting her on set, Don quickly goes back to his old tricks and orders an Old Fashioned at the bar. Moments later, a woman approaches and asks if he is alone.

The new season of Mad Men will premiere in 2013.

What do you think will happen on Season 6? Take a look at the new ‘Mad Men’ set photos, above, and share your thoughts below.

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