‘Supernatural’ Recap: The Winchesters Leave a Teen Wolf Without a Pack

Supernatural: Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean
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Supernatural: Jared Padalecki as Sam and Jensen Ackles as Dean
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Supernatural: Jensen Ackles as Dean and Jared Padalecki as Sam
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The CW's Supernatural stepped out of its comfort zone with “Bitten,” a monster-of-the-week episode that was anything but typical, but the risk didn't reap a large reward.

“Bitten” began with Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) stumbling upon a blood-painted apartment. Seriously, the place looked like what would happen if you fell on an electric saw… which actually happened to a guy on an older episode. But, they didn’t know whose blood it was. By all accounts, they still had no idea what was really going on in the town in which they were chasing a case. So, they had no choice but to obey when they found the very stagey laptop literally asking to be played. Seriously, it was left there like a prop in a bad horror movie, to which, basically, this episode was paying homage.

Once they sat down with it (sans popcorn unfortunately), the real action of the episode began, with the handheld footage of budding filmmakers named Mike (guest star Brandon W. Jones) and Brian (guest star Leigh Parker) and their new pal Kate (Britni Sheridan).

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven't watched Wednesday's episode, “Bitten.”

With no real creative bone in their bodies but too much spare time and a desire to get famous and/or go viral, they started by filming themselves — going to class, scoping girls, talking about other people’s movies, and oddly, calling people asshats. If Mike and Brian were supposed to sub in for Dean and Sam on this episode (and it certainly seemed like that was partially their purpose), then just who was Kate, the girl who was between them the whole time?

Anyway, eventually they stumbled upon Sam and Dean coming into town as FBI agents to investigate the "animal attack." In sporadic moments, Sam and Dean were seen discussing the case, but the kids really didn’t think much of it at all until Mike got bit himself.

Suddenly, Brian found his purpose in life. Screw making movies; he wanted to be a superhero! He wanted to be strong and tough and out of his friend's shadow. Hell, he wanted to get the girl! So, he planned to find the thing that bit Mike and entice it to bite him, too. In a way, his desire to take control of his own life was admirable, though completely misguided. Mike was losing control of himself every day, unable to contain the darkness inside him. This would have been a great metaphor -- if it were a few seasons ago and Sam was struggling with the decision to give into Lucifer. This time around, though, there weren't really any stakes for strangers to struggle with the great themes and weight we have seen Sam and Dean take on for years. They were just ill-equipped kids; you had to know how this would turn out, right?

Brian’s footage revealed it was his professor who did the biting, and he took off on his own and blackmailed the guy until he got what he wanted. The professor planned to use Mike as a patsy for his accidental crime -- having been "clean" from human hearts for years -- but Sam and Dean got to him anyway. He thanked them when they took him down, happy to be rid of the monster he had become, but Mike wasn’t so gracious toward the BFF that thought he “saved” him.

They fought, and since neither of them could control their strength yet, Brian ended up killing Mike. He then bit Kate, convinced it would showcase his love for her, and they could be together, giving all new meaning to the term “super couple.” She wasn’t OK with that, though, and she killed him, too, and took off with their footage.

We knew from the episode opening that Sam and Dean had their footage, but what didn’t make sense was if they killed the Pure Blood — the Alpha of werewolves — why his pack didn’t automatically die (or at least end up magically cured) with him. Those are the rules Supernatural established for vampires, and we assumed the same would be true of werewolves. But, it wasn’t. And in the end, Kate was left alive, though on her own.

We expected bleeding heart Sam to feel for Kate, but we’re inclined to believe the deal Dean made with Benny (Ty Olsson) was the only reason he was willing to extend the benefit of the doubt to allow her to live, too. And we hope it comes back to bite him (oh come on, we had to!). Not necessarily because she's a werewolf but because she left a trail. Sloppiness and stupidity shouldn't be rewarded.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: It was just ridiculous that Kate left this video behind -- along with her plea to be left alone -- at all. She could have just burned the footage and tried to pin her two pals' murders on the pro! Yes, we know there would have been no episode then, but we would have been fine to skip this repetitive, filler one.

Thank you, TV gods.: At least when the werewolf part of Mike took over, he attacked someone who deserved it.

Awk-ward: It’s Season 8; do we really still need the jokes at the expense of outsiders assuming the brothers are actually a couple?

Hotness: Mike’s super strength gave him Padalecki-sized arms. Before the weird teeth and claws came out, that was pretty nice.

Fab-u-lous: “Clear eyes and clogged arteries, can’t lose” was Dean’s new motto after Purgatory, chomping on two burgers at once. Texas Forever, indeed!

Can. Not. Wait.: Honestly, we just want this show to get back on track with Sam and Dean at the center, chasing the new mythology it so deftly set up in the premiere episode.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 5

What did you think of Mike, Brian, and Kate's plights, and were you left feeling satisfied the show turned the tables to show how those Sam and Dean usually encounter live? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

-- Danielle Turchiano

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  • Mary

    Ugh, internet posting-- no spell/grammar check- WOOPSIE

  • Mary

    I liked your summary and have mixed feelings about the episode. Al lot of good commentary but have to say even though it is a show with especially nice eye candy, story is what keeps me tuned in. Speaking of story...... " — why his pack didn’t automatically die (or at least end up magically cured) with him. Those are the rules Supernatural established for vampires, and we assumed the same would be true of werewolves" -- Really? New Viewer? -- Werewolves "rules" were established in the older episode with Madison - hottie female werewolf (Sam's first fling after Jessica - NO CURE no REAL FIX) so the nimble little minx (lol) was executed to the ever awesome Silent Lucidity..... (Queensryche for the clueless). I admire the writers/creators as much as the sexy actors which leave us breathless. This show has had an amazing team throughout the years who have made rules which rarely don't make sense or contradict their predecessors. So please next time you think you find something that doesn't make sense FACT check first !!! :) Other than that it was a great Recap... look forward to reading your next! Side note: happy to help as FACT checker since rewatching them all with my teeenager email me anytime.

  • Aryanna

    I enjoyed the episode i guess. It was nice to see something different. I guess i also do enjoy those found footage type movies too. I think it was good for a filler episode and it was a foreshadow for next week when we see Dean and Benny. I liked that we actually got some werewolves on the show. I mean they haven't had any since season 2 and that was only one episode dealing with them. I love Teen Wolf so this of course reminded me of that and also Chronicle. I would love for Kate to come back and i hope she does stay good since we need more of those good monsters around on the show since they have pretty much all been killed off. I liked the episode. I know alot of people don't and alot do so it's up and down. I enjoyed it.

  • Anon

    I'm surprised too that you want Kate to come back and bite Dean in the ass, though, I'm assuming you mean both Winchesters, since BOTH Winchesters made the decision to let her go. The rule has been for a few years now, practically since Lenore, that if a monster kills a human, then they should be killed, but if the monster hasn't killed a human, then they're given a chance. Also, I've always seen complaints by you and others, myself included, that wants the the Supernatural world to open up, so why not have "good" monsters, maybe they could even help, like Monroe on Grimm.

  • Andrea

    I didn't mind the episode, although I agree it seemed early for another standalone. The shaky cam made me dizzy, though. I really hope we never get another episode using that type of camera work. I do think the teens were stand ins for the brothers and the person who comes between them (which I guess could be Ruby, Amelia, or Benny.) There seem to be a lot of parallels when you look not so much at the exact circumstances but the general themes. Since the same thing happened in last week's episode too, I guess Carver is also using the MOTW as a reflection of the brothers' story in the same way Kripke did. I'm a little surprised you want Kate to come back and bite Dean in the ass. Firstly, Dean has been willing before to give monsters who haven't killed yet a chance (like with Amy's son.) And secondly, why should Dean bear the brunt of the blame if things go wrong? Sam was more than happy to let Kate go, which means he shares in the responsibility of that decision.

  • jenjare

    I absolutely love Jensen and Jared and Supernatural. However, I am not thrilled with the writing so far. I was bored with "BITTEN". I love it when Sam and Dean go after monsters, creatures and ghosts. But I watch the show to see Sam and Dean doing 95% of the acting, not a bunch of people I don't care about. I know it was to tell the story and give it a different twist. But I didn't like it. I'm just afraid that if the show doesn't get better this season there won't be a season 9 or 10. The other thing that bugged me was Jensen's dad had such a tiny roll in "HEARTACHE", I don't understand why they couldn't give him a bigger roll.