‘Vampire Diaries’ Recap: Elena’s Rage and Klaus’ Connections (PHOTOS)

'tvd': trouble for Tyler?
Phoebe Tonkin tells Tyler and Caroline fans not to worry...yet.
'tvd' recap: 'memorial'
Elena takes her first bite while a new hunter comes to town.
Senior Year has started on The CW’s The Vampire Diaries and it seems Rebekah (Claire Holt) is determined to make Elena’s (Nina Dobrev) last year of high school a hellish one.

In an effort to gain some friends (because she has none) the Original decides to throw a ditch party at her new house, but not before throwing a pencil right into Elena and teasing her with fresh human blood in the bathroom. Don’t you just love high school?

Thursday’s episode also offered up some interesting information about the new vampire hunter, a new face and our newest vampire on the brink of losing control.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t seen Thursday’s episode, “The Rager.”

Elena’s rage. Rebekah is determined to make things hard on Elena’s new life. Not only did she taunt her at school but she also confronted her at the party by momentarily stealing her daylight ring. Before Elena suffered a rage blackout and killed Rebekah with the white oak stake though, Stefan (Paul Wesley), always the voice of reason, talked her down and took her for a ride on his spiffy new motorcycle. But not before she did a killer keg stand to show up Rebekah.

Is Damon’s (Ian Somerhalder) way the right way? It seems since the bunny diet didn’t work for Elena on previous episodes, she’s now strictly on the Matt (Zach Roerig) diet. Feeding off her friend to sustain herself is all well and good until the end of the episode. After confessing her feelings of rage over Rebekah to Matt, she takes a drink from his wrist and can’t stop. Luckily Damon is there to save him and tells her he is going to teach her the right way to be a vampire. Really Damon? We can’t wait to see.

“I’m faster than your average hunter.” Connor (Todd Williams) continued to be a pain for everyone in Mystic Falls attacking both Tyler (Michael Trevino) and Matt during the episode and showing up at school to corner Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) for information. While we learned why Jeremy can see his tattoo, we also learned it might not be a good thing – he’s meant to be a hunter (!?!?!).

With Jeremy and Meredith’s (Torrey DeVitto) help, Damon set up Connor and confronted him with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) to get more information on the great evil that Pastor Young had spoke about in his letter to April (Grace Phipps). However, once Klaus saw the markings on Connor’s arrow, he knew that he was one of “The Five.”

What is “The Five? Even Connor doesn’t know as he asked the Original what he meant by the phrase. Klaus’ response: “Well let’s just say it’s made you the most well protected vampire hunter in town.” Klaus also hints that with this information, Elena is again valuable to him. This can’t be good for our new vamp.

Hayley’s here. Phoebe Tonkin’s first appearance on TVD was such a tease. We got a short introduction to Tyler’s old friend who surprised him after she found out one of her hybrid friends was headed to Mystic Falls to protect him. Of course, Tyler declined to tell Caroline (Candice Accola) anything about his beautiful friend popping by and Klaus overhead everything. Let the drama begin.

“You’re good at this you know that? You should write a book, go on The View. I love Caroline and Stefan. Or maybe I just love Caroline in general. Either way I really dig their friendship. He helps her adjust to be a vampire. She helps him not lose control when he feels the Ripper is calling at him to enjoy himself with Elena. It’s a perfect combination. I heart them.

Buzz Moments:

OMG!: Damon entering Connor’s RV only to be shot by an arrow booby-trapped by a bomb. Eek! That was a close one!

Awk-ward: Elena’s hot makeout session with Stefan was again interrupted, only this time it was even more awkward than bloody vomit, if that’s possible. Elena’s romp with Stefan was stopped by Damon – not he didn’t walk in on them – she hallucinated it was him she was with instead of Stefan.

Hotness: Damon undressing in front of Elena and then asking her if she’d like to stay for the show…priceless and unbelievably hot.

Fab-u-lous: You got to look good on your first day back at school and Elena definitely did. The dress she was wearing was gorgeous! Unfortunately we couldn’t find where it was from on the internet but let us know if you know!

Can. Not. Wait.: I’m excited to find out what exactly ‘The Five’ is and how Elena might be involved (I’m assuming she is after Klaus’ statements at the end of the episode). Luckily we’ll find out next week as the title of Episode 4 is “The Five.” I also can’t wait to see Caroline and Haley’s first interaction and Damon’s “right way” to be a vampire.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 7. “The Rager”  had its great moments but didn’t grab me as much as the first two! It was still a killer time though and overall an awesome episode.

OK TVD fans, what did you think about “The Rager?” Sound off in the comments below!

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