‘A Good Day to Die Hard’ Trailer: Bruce Willis is Back in Action (VIDEO)

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Bruce Willis, bullet battles and bomb explosions, oh my!

The actor is back in action as butt-kicking John McClane for A Good Day to Die Hard, the 20th Century Fox franchise’s fifth installment. In the film’s 90-second teaser trailer, director John Moore delivers all the action-adventure film must-haves: machine guns, blowups, and bombshell babes in black leather bodysuits.

And after years of flying solo since Die Hard first launched in 1988, the new installment sees McClane team up with his estranged son, John “Jack” McClane Jr. (Jai Courtney) in Moscow, Russia. And explosive action ensues.

“Dad, try not to make an even bigger mess of things,” McClane’s daughter Lucy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) begs as she drops him off at the airport to catch a flight across the pond. But from the trailer’s flashes of flying bullets and punches, it seems McClane does not heed the warning.

A Good Day to Die Hard hits theaters on Feb. 14, 2013. But get a glimpse at what to expect in the trailer, above.

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