‘Cloud Atlas’ Star Halle Berry: Her Sexiest Bikini Looks (GALLERY)

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Like a fine wine — or, for you media folk,the TV series Friday Night Lights — it seems that actress Halle Berry only gets better with age.

Indeed, at age 45, the Oscar-winning beauty has defied aging in the best and most jealous-worthy way possible, and looks now as she did back when she first became a movie star in the ’90s.

This is especially true whenever Berry — who stars in Cloud Atlas, out Friday — steps out in a bikini, which she has fortunately been doing a lot of over the last year or so.

Whether she’s frolicking on the beach with her daughter, Nahla, or enjoying some R&R with friends, Berry remains the center of attention thanks to her flawless figure and killer physique.

So, to celebrate Berry’s genes — and her new movie — Celebuzz is taking a look back at her best bikini moments.

Have a look in the gallery, above, then be sure to check out Cloud Atlas this weekend.