Flashback Friday: Halle Berry Strips Down to Her Underwear in ‘Swordfish’ (VIDEO)

There comes a time in every actress’ career when she has to make a decision: to strip or not to strip?

For Halle Berry, it took some careful consideration, but she eventually took the plunge.

In the 2001 action thriller Swordfish, Berry, 46, plays Ginger Knowles, the seductive sidekick to John Travolta’s CIA operative, Gabriel Shear.

She was strong, sexy, and mysterious — the perfect part to send Berry straight for super stardom. There was just one major caveat: non-negotiable nudity.

The Cloud Atlas star admitted that she initially had reservations about on-screen nakedness, but eventually decided to do it for the good of the role.

“I’ve never really explored that part of myself on screen before. For so many years, I said, ‘No, no, no.’ A lot of it was not being comfortable with myself, being afraid and wondering what people would think,” she said at an LA press conference for the film back in 2001. “Finally, after the last couple of years of my life, I sort of shed myself of all of those worries and I feel really, really good about myself.”

We think it was a pretty solid career move for Berry, who soon after went on to win an Oscar for another revealing role — Leticia Musgrove in Monster’s Ball.

In the clip above, Berry strips down to her skivvies looking tough and toned as femme fatale Ginger Knowles.

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