Jessica Biel’s Wedding Dress: Why She Wore Pink

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Jessica Biel’s pink wedding dress was definitely the week’s big fashion news.

Why did the stylish star choose to wear pink to tie the knot with Justin Timberlake?

And why have so many other celeb brides — Reese Witherspoon, Gwen Stefani, Anne Hathaway  — chosen pink wedding dresses, too?

“Pink is the universal color of love,” says celebrity wedding expert Renee Strauss of TLC’s Brides of Beverly Hills. “[It sends the message] ‘I’ll never forget you.'”

Though we tend to associate white with innocence and purity,  Emmy-award winning stylist and author of The Color of Style, David Zyla, calls Biel’s blush gown “the most vulnerable, softest color.”

Zyla characterizes the petal pink shade of Biel’s dress as soulful, ultra-feminine, fun, playful, and romantic — like Biel.

Another reason pink is so popular? “It’s always flattering against skin,” Zyla says.

While many shades of white can be hard to pull off, pink complements a wider range of skin tones.

This color “captured her so beautifully,” Zyla gushes, emphasizing how the shade brought out all the right undertones of her skin to showcase the prettiest version of herself.

Both experts agreed that this shade was the perfect tone for Biel, truly expressing her feminine and flirty style.

In fact, if she were to have donned a basic white gown, Strauss and Zyla say the impact would not have been the same.

“Basic white would not have achieved the same aura as the pink floral gown,” Strauss says.

Like her daring red carpet style, Biel’s watercolor dress was certainly ahead of the fashion curve, offering a sneak peek of what we can expect to see walking down the aisle next year.

“Jessica’s choice was a bold move, but she certainly succeeded with it,” Zyla says, calling the pink watercolor design “on the cutting edge of a new trend” for wedding gowns.

Color has been a trend for the last few seasons, but during bridal market in New York, we saw more designers incorporate different shades of pink into their bridal runway collections.

As Strauss says: “Now she’s the window to the world for 2013 bridal seasons.”

Do you think that the pink dress suited Biel? Will she influence the future style of wedding gowns? Weigh in below.

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