One Direction’s Zayn Malik Ends Up on Crutches After ‘Crazy’ Night With Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber's Risky Ride
Justin Bieber arrives to a photo shoot on the hood of his Mercedes.
One Direction Bromance
The boys of One Direction sure love to pal around.
Justin Bieber left One Direction’s Zayn Malik limping after a wild night…of skateboarding.

The teenage heartthrobs have become firm friends but their overzealous evening activities ended in disaster during a recent get-together.

“It was a bit crazy, yeah,” Malik, 19, told Now magazine. “I had an accident doing a half-pipe [a skateboarding move] and was on crutches for five days.

“My ankle popped out of place. It was really painful at the time, but it was a good night.”

Bieber, 18, is buddies with the British boy band, and Malik says he’s a great friend to have.

“It’s cool because I remember the first time he came to The X Factor when we were contestants,” he said. “It was hard to even get a photo with him because he has that whole entourage.

“For him to go out of his way to hang out with us was flattering. He thinks it’s cool that he’s now got someone of a similar age to hang out with in the industry.”

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