‘Revenge’ Preview: Amanda’s Awake and Kara’s Not Hiding Anymore (PHOTOS)

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On a typical soap opera, a character who slipped into a “coma-like state” would linger unconscious for months on end, as new drama flared at their bedside. A character back from the dead would equally start wreaking havoc the minute he or she returned, sauntering in triumphantly, sending all those who wronged him or her in the past scattering and shaking.

But ABC’s Revenge is hardly a typical soap opera.

It takes just about no time (less than a full episode) for Amanda (Margarita Levieva) to make a seemingly full recovery on Revenge. On the next all-new episode, “Forgiveness,” she not only wakes up in the hospital to meet her new baby for the very first time, but she is “reunited” with the former Mrs. Clarke (Jennifer Jason Leigh).

Though Kara reentered the high society Hamptons world from which she disappeared two decades earlier quietly– by slinking into the shadows by her assumed daughter’s bedside– she does not stay hidden there. Getting to meet her adult daughter and hold her first grandchild is one thing, but soon she makes a trip to Grayson Manor to see her “old friend” Victoria (Madeleine Stowe). From the looks of the episode preview photos Celebuzz has obtained, both women may have a few tricks up their sleeves for each other.

Whether or not Amanda has all of her memories after she awakens from her trauma may not nearly be as tough for Emily (Emily VanCamp) to navigate, though, as the fact that now she has to keep an eye on Kara. The timing of her reappearance is bound to be worrisome for someone as suspicious as Emily. After all, motherly love is an excuse that only goes so far when she *ahem* tried to kill that very same daughter years earlier and then subsequently stayed away from her for the better part of her life.

Additionally, the snoopy Mason Treadwell (Roger Bart) is back in the picture, bringing with him more trouble for both Victoria and Emily. And when Conrad (Henry Czerny) gets involved, all bets will really be off.

However, the episode title is the truly ominous piece of this puzzle. The act of forgiveness is to release the desire to punish someone for perceived wrongs, but just who is doing the forgiving here– and to whom is the act extended? Without the desire for vengeance, this would be a whole other show!

Revenge airs on Sunday nights at 9 PM on ABC.

What do you think Kara’s motives are? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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