‘Single Ladies’ Star LisaRaye Has ‘Got Obama’s Back’ (EXCLUSIVE PHOTO)

growing up together in Kenya.\”” ] Single Ladies star LisaRaye is officially backing President Barack Obama for a second term — and Celebuzz has your exclusive first look at her photo shoot.

In the photo, above, LisaRaye sits on a teacher’s desk inside a classroom with a portrait of Obama and an American flag painted on her back.

“I got Obama’s back,” the photo reads multiple times on the whiteboard.

So, what led LisaRaye to get involved this election?

“I don’t think people seem as excited about this presidential campaign as they were four years ago,” she told Celebuzz in an exclusive interview. “For this campaign, I just wanted something that would make an impact. I wanted to say why I’m behind President Obama in this election, and I want to encourage everyone to vote. I have Obama’s back, and I want everyone to have Obama’s back.”

“President Obama came into the presidency with a big mess to clean up that will take time to clean up,” she continued.” I think people give him credit for what he has accomplished so far but some don’t give him nearly enough credit at all. Being president is a huge burden to bear on a daily basis; it’s a 365 day a year job … Overall, I support him because he is a strong leader. He is a strong man that cares and fights for the things he cares about and I’m willing to give President Obama four more years to clean everything up!”

LisaRaye — who was involved in the last election as part of the Education Tour — adds her political opinion shouldn’t be overlooked just because of her star status in Hollywood.

“Just because we’re celebrities are we any less human?” she asked. “We lead pretty normal lives. We also have the right to vote just like everyone else.”

“The only difference is that I have a camera pointed at me,” she continued. “This is who’s back I have, and this is who’s back you have. Just have it for someone and believe in your choice and most importantly, go out and vote. I choose to use my platform as a celebrity to promote who I’m supporting. When it comes to the presidential elections, you have to pull out all the guns and you have to get all the support you can get.”

“At the end of the day, President Obama still has to prove himself regardless of what I have to say, but if I can use my voice to encourage and motivate people to support him, then I will do whatever I can.”

Check out the photo, above, then share your thoughts in the comments.

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