Election 2012: President Barack and Michelle Obama in the White House (GALLERY)

As with every modern-day President and his wife, Barack and Michelle Obama's marriage has been captured non-stop ever since Barack took office in January 2009.

Since then, the cameras have been there for every major event, visit with the troops, vacation, stop on the campaign trail and, most recently, the Presidential debates.

So, now that readers know a little bit more about Republican candidate Mitt Romney and his family, Celebuzz is looking back at the last four years Barack and Michelle spent in and outside of the White House, as President and First Lady.

Have a look in the gallery, above.

Also be sure to stay tuned to Celebuzz in the days leading up to Election Day, on Nov. 6.

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  • Wally

    Must be because they weren't wearing their burkas

  • Tony Rohl
    Tony Rohl

    Nice picture of the president and her husband.

  • user

    It's OVER....The OBAMAS are retiring to an Oahu Estate come January 2013 currently being purchased for them by the Pritzkers and have already chosen McCormick Place as the location for the Concession Speech Election Night..... according to Hillbuzz. ....