The World Series of Celebrity: Game 4 -- Music of 2012 (QUIZ & GALLERY)

Hey Batta, Batta... Sing!
World Series of Celebrity: Game 4 - Music of 2012

As the Detroit Tigers and San Francisco Giants play their fourth World Series game tonight, we're offering you a different kind of competition: Celebuzz's World Series of Celebrity.

We've posted a different trivia game every night of the baseball championship series. Tonight's quiz is on 2012: The Year in Music.

This was the year that artists like Carly Rae Jepsen and Psy proved that it's possible to go from anonymous to world-famous in the space of about a week with the help of a catchy tune, carefully deployed social media, orĀ Justin Bieber's manager. It was also the year that real-life celebrity romance bled into song for such artists as Kanye West and Taylor Swift.

Test your knowledge of the year in tunes by clicking on the gallery at the top of this article.

If you missed past installments of the World Series of Celebrity, you can still play the first three games. Game 1, a quiz on celebrity and baseball, is here. Game 2, on the year in movies, is here. Game 3, on TV of 2012, is here. And check back Monday for Game 5 of the World Series of Celebrity, should the Tigers-Giants series go to five games.

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