Big Time Rush's Kendall Schmidt Makes Over 8,000 Fans Scream at House of Horrors (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Kendall Schmidt loves a good scream.

The Big Time Rush star stopped by House of Horrors And Haunted Catacombs in Buffalo, N.Y., last Friday night -- and he wasn't the only one. Over 8,000 Rushers lined up for hours just to meet the Big Time Rush singer. His arrival was not only met with thousands of shrieks, but he also took home over 300 gifts from fans.

"I continue to be humbled by the support of my fans and wouldn't be where I am without them," Schmidt told Celebuzz.

When he's not busy getting spooked, Schmidt is hard at at work making music and launching his family's new project,, a site designed to educate the public on the commercial food production system known as Aquaponics.

Schmidt is so passionate about the project, he recently wrote a letter to First Lady Michelle Obama asking for her support.

“My family and I have been interested in aquaponics for many years now,” he told Celebuzz back in September. “The traditional method of food production — farming outside cities and trucking it all in — seems to make less and less sense as transport costs increase …  Plus, there’s the nutrient loss to consider.”

Check out the exclusive video above to see Rushers scream for Kendall Schmidt. 

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