Election 2012: 25 Most Influential Celebrities During the Presidential Race (GALLERY)

Famous Politicians
A look at 12 celebs who went into politics.
Political Nail Art
On the issues, stars let their fingers do the talking.
Come on, if you were a celebrity — someone with wealth, power, name recognition and a public platform — why wouldn’t you try to influence the election?

Really, it’s a wonder more celebrities don’t get involved in electoral politics. After all, they have more influence on politics than they may realize — or than we fans would like to admit. Even if they’re not using their fame to advocate their pet causes and candidates, politically active stars can also operate behind the scenes, raising enough money to swing an election.

Then again, stars who are outspoken about their politics are often ridiculed as dilettantes, and candidates who rely on them are also often ridiculed as limousine liberals who are out of touch with regular people. (Note: This only applies on the left. On the right, stars who are politically outspoken often end up getting themselves elected.)

Here, then, is a gallery of 25 stars who are bucking the trend — making their voices heard, performing at rallies, soliciting fat checks from donors … or doing all of the above for Republicans without actually running for office themselves. No wonder these stars are poised to have an outsized influence on this year’s election.

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