Olivia Munn Confesses Her OCD Habits and the Reason She Stays Out of the Gym (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

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Olivia Munn is a germaphobe, and she’s owning it.

In fact, the 32-year-old is avoiding Halloween festivities in an effort to avoid picking up any bugs.

“Everybody I know it getting sick, so I’m going to sit this one out,” Munn exclusively revealed to Celebuzz of her Oct. 31 plans.

The Magic Mike actress can’t afford to be sick: she’s currently filming back-to-back hit shows, New Girl and Newsroom. And it’s not just Halloween she’s avoiding — she revealed that she makes an effort to avoid germs wherever she goes.

“When you meet fans you hug them, you shake their hands and you can’t be sanitizing all the time because it’s not very nice,” Munn told us at the 2012 Pink Party in Santa Monica on Oct. 27. “So you just wash your hands a lot when you go home. I am OCD; I’m pretty bad.”

There’s even one place that Munn completely avoids because of the gross-out factor: the gym.

“I don’t go to gyms,” Munn confessed. “I work out at home. I have a Pilates machine and I’ll have a trainer come to the house. It really grosses me out — people will just take a towel and wipe the machines off. It’s so disgusting.”


Munn, who has been dating RoboCop star Joel Kinnanman since July, shared that her beau will not be dressing up as the part for Halloween.

“That’d be really sad if he was RoboCop on screen and for Halloween – a little too overboard.”

Check out the video above to watch the rest of the interview with Munn.

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