Pregnant Holly Madison Reveals Marriage Plans: ‘I Want Something Good’ (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Holly Madison may be busy with prepping of the arrival of her spring baby these days, but don’t rule out the possibility of wedding bells soon after.

“We definitely want to [get married], but we want to wait until things calm down a little bit,” Madison told Celebuzz in an exclusive video interview.

The 32-year-old TV personality is expecting her first child — a girl — with boyfriend Pasquale Rotella.

“He was down to do it earlier, but I’m like, girls don’t wait that long to get married and then just plan a wedding a month in advance. I want to plan something good! I want to enjoy the planning process,” she added.

Madison, who is due in March, says she been a little obsessed with one thing related to her pregnancy: clothes. For her baby.

“It’s pathetic. I have so much baby clothes already, it’s so bad. I can’t wait,” she said.

“Owls are really in right now, that’s like my favorite animal for the baby. We have all the animal clothes and cute little girly clothes and everything. She’s got quite the wardrobe already.”

This week, Madison and the Celebuzz family celebrated the launch of her new website — the blonde beauty is the latest to join our network of celebrity bloggers.

“I want it to be a place where I can interact with people and where they can share tips with me, and share things they would like to see on my website — no body parts please,” she told The Daily Buzz.

Here’s what Madison wrote on Oct. 25:

“Welcome to my new blog, guys! I was craving a fresh start and a new space to connect with my friends, family and fans. I hope you love it! I’ll be using this blog to share an inside peek at my life. Everything from fashion to fitness, Vegas to Hollywood — I’ll talk about it here. My goal is to make this a space where we can share stories and tips, and support one another.”

For more of The Daily Buzz exclusive interview with Celebuzz’s newest celebrity blogger, check out the video, above.