'Real Housewives Of Miami' Recap: Joanna Krupa and Adriana Moura's Friendship Comes To A Violent End

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Before the sophomore season of The Real Housewives of Miami commenced, viewers heard all about the infamous catfight between model Joanna Krupa and art curator Adriana de Moura. Many wondered what happened to make the beauties of Biscayne Bay turn from BFFs to enemies packing punches at Lisa Hochstein’s lingerie charity event.

Note: Spoilers ahead if you haven’t watched Sunday’s episode, “Braws and Brawls part 2”.

Joanna reeled from the news her little sister Marta did in fact engage in a little bump and grind with Girls Gone Wild's Joe Francis. How could she do such a thing, the elder Krupa wondered? Marta refused to get into the details.

The model then started to vent her disgust over Marysol Patton's choice to wear a fur throw. Marta talked her sister down from a potentially nasty confrontation; it was a party after all.

Adriana arrived fashionably late and was filled in about all the drama surrounding Marysol's dustup with Dr. Karent Sierra. The women were commiserating about Karent, when Joe appeared to dish about his run-in with the dentist. Say it ain’t so, Joe…

Later, Adriana decided to confront Karent about the article discussing the Housewives. Joanna jumped into the conversation and stated you can’t believe everything you read. Adriana instructed Joanna to mind her own business.

The ladies proceeded to get into a huge shouting match, with Joanna’s beau Romaine warning Adriana not to disrespect his lady love. Adriana walked away from Joanna’s screeching, however Joanna was hot on her designer heels. Claiming that Joanna had pulled her hair, Adriana flipped, punching her rival!

After the fight, Adriana stormed off, while Joanna received a nice dressing down from Marta, Lisa, Ana Quincoces, and Lea Black. Why get involved when it had nothing to do with you, they asked? All in the name of friendship, Joanna retorted. Too bad she almost lost her sister and her man, while worrying about "friendship". Good move, Joanna.

Buzz Moments

OMG!: Lisa chastising Lea and Karent for their guest also fighting at the party.

Thank you, TV gods.: Marta calling Joanna out for the fight with Adriana and Romaine admitting she's rowdy drunk. Pay attention girl!

Awk-ward: The nipple slips at the party. Can we say tape ladies?

Hotness: Elaine as his real life persona James coming to Lea's rescue against Karent's friend berating her.

Fab-u-lous: The women managing to keep their clothes on while fighting.

Can. Not. Wait.: Adriana and Joanna seeing each other for the first time after their fight.

Celebuzz Meter (1-10): 8.5

Did Joanna do the right thing getting involved in Adriana's argument with Karent?  Sound off below!

– Jillian Bowe

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  • Karen

    She thinks she is the best!!!She is a slut.

  • Karen

    Adriana is a bitch!!!!

  • Beyoncca

    I wonder if Romain's that nice, I recall him walking up to Adriana asking her to "not use her hand to push Joanna way" and Adriana said "I just want her to go over there", Romain said "just don't use your hand". In my opinion Romain knew full well how confrontational Joanna can be, and she's shown just that in his own nightclub, so why did he think he needed to involve himself? He sure wasn't that aggressive with Joe Fransis. Romain's a a** hole that didn't stand up for Joanna when he should have.

  • Beyoncca

    I absolutely agree!I found it odd that Marta laughted at Joe Fransis's claims that he slept with both sisters. If my ex said he slept with my sister I would have alot of questions for the both of them. I think Marta's the sister with a conscious, who apparently must have had a reason for not supporting her sister that night, and who also wound up in Joe Fransis's arms by the end of Lisa's charity event.

  • Brenda

    Joanna has a right to support PETA, but she doesn't have the right to push her beliefs on others. She is immature. Peta does not like the cruelty done to animals, but Joanna is really cruel against other human beings. With that said, I don't think she is a good spokesperson for PETA. She is a savage. She was totally way out of line at Lisa's home. She butted into a conversation to make trouble. Her boyfiend tries to calm her down, and she disrespects him by telling him off! Then in the end, she tells her own sister off too!! Joanna kept telling Marta to stop and she would regret it, but Joanna is the one that needed to stop. The fact is, she went after Adriana, so in my opinion, she deserved to get hit. Adriana was right when she walked away Joanna was wrong by provoking Adriana. Joanna is nasty. Romain, you are too nice to marry an ugly-hearted girl like Joanna. Don't do it. You will be sorry.

  • Gnirlinda

    She is an embarrassment!!!!! Se embarrassed her fiancé and sister. Se comes off like one big jerk. Can you add someone else to,the show!!!!!! Btw. Looks are not everything.

  • luisa

    Hasn't anyone else picked up yet that Joanna Krupa HOSTED a "Girls Gone Wild" Video? Sure she helps the animals with PETA, but when she contributes to the exploitation of young women, teens, college girls, who, at the moment lack better judgment, no one seems to notice. How many teens (some were underaged, and that's why Joe Francis was arrested originally) were exploited by this video series? And it is an absolute positive FACT that Joanna hosted one of these videos where teens and college girls are coerced into getting naked for the camera for sleazy men to masturbate to. She is a lowlife just like Joe Francis. Her and her sister slept with whoever could help them, and then while "saving the animals" she was exploiting young girls in porn movies.

  • joizy

    Joanna is soooooooooo annoying! Her sister was annoying too, but now I see that it's Joanna who sets the bar for crazy in the family, and hopefully, little Marta can get away from the wacko and live a somewhat sane life. Joanna is a spoiled brat who obviously slept with Joe Francis and loves to stir up drama. I like the other housewives and even carrier pidgeon Karent, as annoying as she is, brings some comedy to the show, but Joanna, is just annoying. Who cares that she is a super model/DWTS star, get her off the show.

  • lori

    Joanna, needs to tone down her temper and act like the model she is. She did grade school drama, not fun to watch. Both girls need to grow up and own what they did and move on!

  • mimaricela

    Joanna is a mean/ugly drunk. She embarassed her fiance, her sister and herself. She chased Adriana down, it was ridiculous. There is nothing pretty about her actions. Her message about PETA is lost with her low class attitude and behavior.

  • Grace

    Joanna continued her no class behavior.For some reason she thinks she can do no harm. She totally ambushed Adriana . She has to mind her own business. I admire Romain's patience. One day he WILL leave. Men don't marry women like Joanna, they sleep with them. I'm saddened by Joanna. What's even more disappointing is her total lack of any responsibility for what happened at the party.Joanna always has an excuse.Sooner than later people will see the real Joanna and they will run with Romain

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    Torres Lee

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